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I've recently bought a 13" MacBook Pro that I've discovered doesn't have the ability to record audio through the 3.5mm headphone socket as it doesn't have the switchable 'Use Audio Port for'... I've got a gig on Saturday I need to record and wondered what was the best / quickest / easiet way around this? I've got a Windows laptop which I'm now thinking might be easier to use for it due to Apple not including this vital piece by the looks of it..



MacBook Pro
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    Not sure if this do exactly what you want but won't hurt to try ...


    Check your Applications folder for QuickTime. Launch the app. From the QT menu bar top of your screen click File > New Audio Recording...

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    I have never tried that, but I just connected my Mic to the 3.5mm headphone jack and it worked for me. I did what Carolyn advised and I was able to record my voice.


    I didnt have to change any settings.

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    Sorry, should have added that I'm trying to record a live band through Audacity and not my voice. I can't change the settings on the Mac so that it cancels the internal mic as it doesn't have the 'Use Port for' option that I have read on other discussions.



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    Is there an option in Audacity that let you choose where the input is?