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please explain how those  gadgets atuallly work....

has it got a memory, does it need to be connected to play my photos ?? etc. work ?

and why can Apple TV play content from my macbook  intantly ..but seems to download a rented

Movie , it stop dead takes ages to ... backup ? content again ?? instead of playing it  .or .Mirroring 

like it does with other clips I have  available  to view ???



Apple TV (3rd generation), Mac OS X (10.6.5), iTv & iPad
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    There is no accessible storage, only a small flash drive for buffering streamed content and a select amount of photos for the screensaver.


    If you want to view your photo library or stream local iTunes content you need a computer on.


    A movie streamed from your MB is over the local network. Renting on the Apple TV is streaming via the internet. For instant playback you need 6mbps (for 720p) and 8mbps (for 1080p). Check speedtest.net


    As there is no accessible drive, if you access other content while your film is loading it will be flushed and require a reload.

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    thanks for that it helped, only I stll can't see why my rentaMovie which is on

    the iPad playing fine ei. downloaded, but then I switch it over to airplay for TV

    it again buffers ( am waiting now for 1hr) as if from the internet

    and not already here on the iPad.??

    ?? Brig

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    Check istumbler or net stumbler for interference