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I have decided to delete GarageBand from my iPod because I dot use it very often and I would like to free up space. However, I still have a good deal of work done so I want to upload it to iCloud and instead transfer my work to my iPad. So I turned on iCloud in GarageBand and proceeded to upload my work (about 6 songs) to iCloud. When it was finished, each song displayed a grey cloud icon showing it had uploaded. Just to make sure, I went to settings and checked my iCloud only to find that only one song had actually uploaded. When I started up GarageBand again, only that one song appeared. None of the other songs came back. Is anyone else having this problem? Is there a fix?

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    It is a bug. Apple released an update to fix it if that doesn't help, try resetting your iPod's settings.

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    Hello and thank you for the post! After reading it this morning and seeing that yes, my GarageBand was up to date, I decided to do a simple hard reset before trying to reset all settings and that seemed to work perfectly fine. The songs still didn't show up in iCloud after the reset but they did show up in GarageBand. Thank you for your post and since it did help me find my songs again I'll go ahead and give you the points! :)

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    What do you mean by simple hard reset? I have uploaded all my Garage Band songs (10-15 songs) to iCloud, all were deleted on Garage Band. iCloud doesn't show any Garage Band backup folder so I can't retrieve all the songs.