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ATV2 (model MC572LL/A)

Software 5.0.2(4250)

Resolution 720p HD - 60Hz



iTunes 10.6.3 (25)


MacBook 13" Aluminum Late 2008 10.7.4(11E53)


speedtest.net 18MB Down



Watching rentals downloaded from my laptop results in playback stopping and the ATV to go to the main menu every four minutes. 

Playing music lasts for four minutes.  After that an error screen is displayed that reads "An error occurred loading this content.  Try again later."

Music video playback works just fine from the same shared library.


I can play without interruption via my iPad and mirroring however, I cannot play restricted videos this way.

I've disabled home share, updated firmware, restarted all devices, etc.



Any help is appreciated.  My family won't deal with the ATV anymore and use the Roku for TV and movies via Netflix.

Apple TV (2nd generation)