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RealMafiozo Level 1 Level 1

My wife has her iphone, I have mine iPad. My wife has her account, I have mine. She has her own contact list, I have mine. But we have a one PC. All that I want - her photos from her iCloud and my photos from my iCloud get into the PC. How to implement it?

iPhone 4 and iPad Retina 32 celular, Windows 7
  • Julian Wright Level 7 Level 7

    Set your wife up with her own user account on your PC then you effectively have two PCs in one and can use two independent iCloud accounts. You can then share your photos between user accounts on your PC.

  • RealMafiozo Level 1 Level 1

    I thought about it... each time to switch users on the system - it is not convenient. Are there any other ways?

    For example: some way to run a second copy of the iCloud? Or add second acc in PC version of iCloud?


  • Julian Wright Level 7 Level 7

    No. There is no other way.


    Why is it inconvenient to switch users? I don't know about on a PC, but on a Mac it takes at most a couple of seconds to switch - surely its the same on a PC? Keeping all your stuff seperate and setup exactly how you prefer it is beneficial to both users.

  • thegeek Level 2 Level 2


    you will have to switch users.


    it is convinient to switch users and is a better way to organise your pc. it only takes about 10 to 40 depending on your pc.

  • fromsouth Level 5 Level 5

    That is really good question, and I think there is a way to sign out of icloud control panel and sign in another, but lets look at what is that going to give you.

    1. Photostream album is in default and same location and you eventually going to merge photos from both accounts.

    2. Outlook is going to sync with the same profile, so you are going to merge account contacts and calendars as well.

    3. So while the ability physically there, to use different accounts on same PC account, the consequences are something that you really want to avoid.

    4  Seeing how disinclined you are to create another PC user let me Google instructions for you.


    http://www.bleepingcomputer.com/tutorials/create-new-user-account-in-windows-vis ta-7/


    Now if you are ok to have photos downloaded and do not use contacts or calendars sync that signing out and in will actually work for you.

    So by all means go to control panel- icloud- sign out- sign in and give you computer time to see the results of that. I can not predict the results,

    for the reason the photostream is not syncing pictures backwards, but rather streams currently taken pictures starting with the moment of the sign

    in and installing and turning on icloud. On another hand it backs up those pictures for 30 days, to allow download to all signed in devices. So without

    someone actually trying that I hesitate to predict result.