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I have several employees with iPads, using various app's they rarely need to com back to base. This presents an issue as i cannot update apps/settings or install new apps without actually having the iPad in my hand.


2 reasons i do not want them doing this themselves:

1. They could change settings/apps that would prevent the iPad from working correctly and this would cause an issue

2. I do not want the m knowing the Apple ID password (to install/update apps) as this is directly linked to the payment method, so they could just buy apps willy nilly


I know iPads are being more and more widely used in schools and enterprises, so i cannot beleive that theere is no way of administering multiple units remotely, but i just can't seem to find an answer from the App store, Apple.com or any forums.

Old forum discussions seem to indicate this is not possible, but i can't find any discussions that have taken place lately, so i hope things have changed.


Is there a way around this if this facility does not exist?


Ideally i would like to adminster this from a desktop PC or another iPad on the same Apple ID.

Thanks in advance.

iPad 2, iOS 5.1.1
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    Apple Remote Desktop does not support iOS devices, no. There are a number of ways, including third-party systems, for administering iOS devices such as the iPad. If you look in the iPad for the Enterprise forum, you'll find some discussion on the subject, from using Apple Configurator to third-party MDM solutions such as Casper from JAMF Software.