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I have several employees with iPads, using various app's they rarely need to com back to base. This presents an issue as i cannot update apps/settings or install new apps without actually having the iPad in my hand.


2 reasons i do not want them doing this themselves:

1. They could change settings/apps that would prevent the iPad from working correctly and this would cause an issue

2. I do not want the m knowing the Apple ID password (to install/update apps) as this is directly linked to the payment method, so they could just buy apps willy nilly


I know iPads are being more and more widely used in schools and enterprises, so i cannot beleive that theere is no way of administering multiple units remotely, but i just can't seem to find an answer from the App store, Apple.com or any forums.

Old forum discussions seem to indicate this is not possible, but i can't find any discussions that have taken place lately, so i hope things have changed.


Is there a way around this if this facility does not exist?


Ideally i would like to adminster this from a desktop PC or another iPad on the same Apple ID.

Thanks in advance.

iPad 2, iOS 5.1.1