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    Ha you sound like the guy with the supplied bomb shelter in his backyard telling everyone the world is ending in two weeks.

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    I think they didn't use the A6 because it might have been to power consuming, but that's my guess

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    I don't think anyone here would disagree that Steve Jobs was a visionary and is a tough act to follow.  It is disappointing to see the changes that have come to Apple since his passing.  There used to be a mindset that you take care of the consumer and try to make every device work with all new revisions of software as long as it was physically possible.  That mentality is what brought so many, including myself, to Apple.  If apple continues down the current path, they are going to become just another mobile device manufacturer and not the best of the best.  For example,  I purchased an iPad 3 to find out two months later that the iPad 4 was coming out with more features.  Now if you search Apple's website there is no mention of the iPad 3 (yes I know it's the New iPad).  It's as if it never existed.  I feel betrayed and left behind by a company that I have long supported.

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    Yeah I have been an extreme apple fan for a long time and there was nothing I was interested in more than apple products. But now it's like the magic is starting to fade:(

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    There used to be a mindset that you take care of the consumer and try to make every device work with all new revisions of software as long as it was physically possible.

    I've used Apple products continuously since 1984, that has never been Apple's mindset. Apple has never had a problem leaving the legacy behind.

    For example,  I purchased an iPad 3 to find out two months later that the iPad 4 was coming out with more features.

    A new iPad was always going to come out, regardless of how soon before you purchased yours. The previous model almost always disappears. It has been a tiny bit different with iOS devices because Apple keeps a low end model. The iPad 3 was too similar and costly to make to be the low end model to the iPad 4.

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    My mistake.  I guess everything is fine and all of the customers are happy with Apple's new CEO.



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    There are Apple customers who are always unhappy. There are Apple customers who go apoplectic every time a new product comes out. They fill these forums with their unhappiness. But things haven't changed much with the new CEO, except for perhaps the better as he cleans house a bit and organizes the troops a bit better. There are no new products coming out now, that Steve Jobs didn't know about. These products are in the development pipeline for years. Apple doesn't design and develope a new product in 3 to 6 months. Steve left Apple with five years of new product in development. And another untold number of years of ideas to work on.

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    I suggest you use Google and look up the Mac Cube.

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    Reading the replies I am astonished at the swaggering pompous arrogance by many (most ?) of the know-it-alls. Standard form on most "help" forums of course, (classic fat twerp in front of monitor imagining himself a 6ft 4 bodybuilder) but not to the percentage shown here.

    Apparently there are ways to get siri onto an iPad2. Personally, not really bothered about having siri.

    A few helpful types on YouTube.

    More than on here.....

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    What I continue to find funny in your post and in many posts that I'm reading while going through this thread is that people keep saying "noise-cancellation, noise-cancellation, noise-cancellation." You people continue to assume that users are directly in mid traffic downtown New York City 24 hours a day and couldn't possibly use Siri when they're at home quietly especially if they wish to dictate something instead of type.


    What is also hillarious is that I use my iPhone 4S while its in my pocket with Beats earbuds that have a noise-cancellation mic so why couldn't someone use headphones with noise-cancellation to bypass this "issue" that seems to be so persistent in being the main reason why Siri isn't on iPad 2? iPad 2 has a similar processor and similar RAM so that shouldn't be an issue either.


    The only reason why Siri isn't on iPad 2 is because Apple continues to make "features" specific for certain products so they nickle and dime their consumers for a product that isn't as superior as it is and could be come 6 months until the next release of their "new but not so new once the next model comes out new iPad."


    I'm giving up with Apple products now that I've noticed that all Android devices get almost all the features it can get even if it is a year or few months old and even if you do have to wait a while for the phone manufaturer to test and release the update. Planning to UPGRADE to Galaxy S3 in a week.

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    Adios! Don't let the screen door hit you in the assets on the way out!!

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    I just got the ipad 2..... I set it up and mine definitely has Siri, so don't know why you people are saying it doesn't.

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    If your iPad has Siri, I think that you are mistaken as to the model that you have. What is the model # reported in Settings/General/About?

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    CONGRATULATIONS! For Christmas you received the ONLY iPad 2 in the world that has Siri on it.


    All of the people in this thread, all the blogs, websites, magazines and Apple themselves are either wrong or you got the only one that has Siri.


    Or yours is jailbroken.


    Or, more likely, you actually have a 3rd Generation iPad.


    What is the model number? Settings > General > About > model number.

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    I got the 3rd generation, **** my bad people, no need for the attitudes I thought they discontinued the 3rd generation.