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Does iTunes truly sell audio books that do NOT work on their iPods?  I purchased two audio books from the iTunes store and after about an hour of trying to figure out WHY I could see them in my iTunes library but noT copy them to my iPod, I realized they were epub books!  Are you kidding me?  In-freakin-credible! Would have been nice if the iTunes store had thought to mention that BEFORE I bought the books.   I think it's time to ditch my 30gb iPod and go with something that is less proprietary! 


And one final complaint, iTunes, to my knowledge is NOT Fort Knox--I had to enter my password at least SIX FREAKIN' TIMES WITHIN A 60 SECOND PERIOD JUST TO POST THIS EFFEN COMPLAINT!  REALLY?  REALLY?


I have to close now--OTHERWISE my clothes are going to go out of style in the time it takes me to enter my PW another zillion times just to get out of here.  Maybe the administrators of the iTunes site should contract with the CIA or MI6--cuz I'm sure it's easier to hack their sites than it is for someone to gain access to my OH-SO-VALUABLE iTunes account!

iPod classic, 30gb