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Hi! I would like to know how to route my komplete audio 6 to logic pro 9.1.7. The problem isn't the connection itself... I'm able to receive midi signal on my computer when my keyboard's plugged on the sound card, but it's only the fact that I can't hear anything from this signal.


Can you help me?

Logic Pro, Mac OS X (10.7.4)
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    Have you checked your sound prefences? Under ( menu,) System preferences, and sound,  make sure that Komplete 6 is selected as your audio ouput from your Mac. It may be still set to built in audio, which sends audio out to the headphone port.

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    Unfortunately, yes. I already changed these preferences, and nothing works...

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    You know the difference between MIDI and audio, don't you? If not, Google is your friend. You only talk about your MIDI connection. The audio outs of your keyboard are connected to your KA6?

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    Yes it's connected too! :S

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    I think at this point it would be helpful for all of us to understand EXACTLY how you have set up your system. Also information on your N.I. Komplete 6 parameters. Going back to the basics, have you tested just to the headphone output on your ka6? The more information you can provide, the better so you can get up and going.

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    I thought I found the problem, but it wasn't the case. Indeed, the output of my synth is connected to the input of my KA6. The KA6 is connected to my laptop via USB. The KA6's midi output is looped back to my synth's input, and that was what I thought should be the problem... But when I used another production software (Cubase), it worked perfectly! So I guess it's the logic's parameters that aren't well set... Or I have to plug my KA6 midi out to another input than my keyboard, but if it's the case, why does it work with Cubase?


    I also noticed that on cubase, I have to plug my headphones on my computer because nothing happens when I connect it on my KA6.


    Thanks again..!

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    Did not realize you were using a synth. Thought you were using just a midi keyboard controller. Check this article out, you may find it helpful




    What type of synth are you using?