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Is there any waay to get photos (not iPhoto) on the iPad to keep your albums in the order htat you have them arranged in iPhoto on the Mac?


And to add a photo to an alabum (say, fro mthe Saved Photos)?


And of course, the perennial: to have Photos show the Titles and descriptions you give to the photos in iPhoto on hte Mac?


Also, is there any way to have it keep the Folders organization you can have for your albums on iPhoto onthe Mac?



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    Your first question is not clear. You are using iPhoto on your Mac and you no longer want to?




    You cannot add new photos from the Camera Roll to album transferred from your computer.


    Titles and descriptions available in iPhoto on a Mac are not available with the iOS Photos app.


    It should keep the album organization and photo arrangement within each album in iPhoto.

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    Thanks for the reply.


    To make it clearer, the problem is that I have my folders and albums in a certain order in iPhoto on my Mac.  But when I synch, it changes the order, and then to keep associated albums together I have to manually rearrange them. (I think this  wouldn't be a problem if iPad's Photos  supported folders of albums) .


    Also, Photos seems to indicate that you can add a photo (from "Saved Photos") to an existing album, but when you try, the screen which comes up, titled "Add to Album", which shows the photo you selected, and the albums, won't respond--you can't seem to tap on the photo or move it to the album you have chosen.  Strange.

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    You're welcome.


    Already answered.


    The iOS Photo app supports creating albums for photos in the Camera Roll.