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I have an e-mail in draft mode on my iPad and it is stuck there.  I cannot delete it or send it.  The page is frozen.  Now, I can't get the rest of my e-mails since the draft page is frozen.  How can I get out of this?

iPad, iOS 5.1.1
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    Try a Reset...


    Press and hold the Sleep/Wake button and the Home button at the same time for at least ten seconds, until the Apple logo appears. Release the Buttons.

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    Click on the CC, enter nothing in there and just do now what you want with the email!

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    I have the new iPad so I can't shut it off with the Sleep/Wake button which it doesn't have.  I found a solution from another discussion member--double click to bring up the icons on the bottom of the page, hold them down until they wiggle, then delete the Mail icon.  This worked and allowed me to finally get out of the draft mode freeze. Thanks for your suggestion.

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    KAS184 wrote:


    I have the new iPad so I can't shut it off with the Sleep/Wake button which it doesn't have.

    Ah ... yes ..... it does have a power button. Every iPad has the same sleep/power button in the same place on the iPad. I'm happy that you found a solution .... but maybe you should download this for reference.




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    Thanks so much!  I did not have this user guide and didn't realize the new iPad has the same button since it goes to sleep when you put the cover over it.  This user guide should be a big help.  By the way, we lived in Pottsburgh for over 20 years and are still ardent Steeler fans.  I appreciate your help.

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    'alanfromnewtownards' above has the easiest and quickest solution.  Just pretend you are "cc"-ing somebody, tap that field and all your options are immedaitely unfrozen.

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    Not sure if it's still a problem for you sending a draft e mail, but the answer is simple - tap or hold the bottom of the iPad with the draft message open. This will open the keypad and you will see your draft email in a format with the cancel and send options.Not sure if this works with iPad 2, but it does with IPad 4.