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I'm hoping to get some advice on which Mac to purchase. I'm choosing ONLY between the base MacBook Pro Retina for $2200 and the maxed out MacBook Air (i7 2.0, 8GB RAM) also for $2200. Given that the two I'm choosing between are the exact same price, I'm having a lot of difficulty (assume I have a $2200 credit and have to spend it on one laptop and so that's why I'm choosing only between those two items).


I presently intend to primarily be using the laptop to browse and edit documents, i.e., I presently don't plan on doing any video editing or even any gaming on the laptop, but I guess you never know. I will also mostly be using the laptop in my house, although I may travel with it a couple of times a year. Finally, the extra 256 SSD is a nice to have, but not critical.  I know this is an extremely personal decision, but any thoughts would still be greatly appreciated.

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