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I'm hoping to get some advice on which Mac to purchase. I'm choosing ONLY between the base MacBook Pro Retina for $2200 and the maxed out MacBook Air (i7 2.0, 8GB RAM) also for $2200. Given that the two I'm choosing between are the exact same price, I'm having a lot of difficulty (assume I have a $2200 credit and have to spend it on one laptop and so that's why I'm choosing only between those two items).


I presently intend to primarily be using the laptop to browse and edit documents, i.e., I presently don't plan on doing any video editing or even any gaming on the laptop, but I guess you never know. I will also mostly be using the laptop in my house, although I may travel with it a couple of times a year. Finally, the extra 256 SSD is a nice to have, but not critical.  I know this is an extremely personal decision, but any thoughts would still be greatly appreciated.

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    macbook pro because you can upgrade the ram and hard drive on your own, on an air you can not upgrade either at all. Well, the hard drive you can but you have to wait until your warranty expires.  Doing so during the warranty period will void the warranty.  Ram on an air can never be upgraded.

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    Nothing on a Retina can be upgraded, at the present...nothing. The OP asked about a Retina vs Air.

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    wow not even ram or HDD?  I need to brush up..I've been on a hiatus from the forums

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    Since the RAM on the Pro retina can not be upgraded would this change your opinion? Anyone else have any thoughts?

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    For your intended use, get the Air. The Retina is state of the art, I never buy state of the art, I always wait.


    My opinion.

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    Go with the Retina since.


    Macbook Air - i7 Dual Core


    Macbook Retina i7 Quad Core


    Guess which is faster?


    More than likely, more Retina screens are going to be offered by Apple and more Applications are going to support it in the future.  Why get stuck with a MB Air with no Retina?


    Since the price is the same, I'd take the Retina - Then again, I already ordered one.

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    I have both the iPad 2 and new iPad and honestly find very little difference in the regular vs retina screen. Yes, there is a difference, but IMO it's nothing like the difference between SD and HD. To me the 2 benefits of the PROr are the quad core and the video chip. The big negative is the size and weight (50% heavier than the Air). The primary question is whether I will ever need or benefit from the quad core and video chip. Based on present use, probably not, but who knows what the future brings. If the PROr was a 13" screen it would be a no brainer, but ... 

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    Then by all means, go with the MB Air.


    In any event, whatever you decide to buy, I'm sure you'll be happy with it.  If not, you have a 14 Day return/exchange window.