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I developed a 283 MB iBook using iBook Author and transferred to my IPad but it will not open.  I have restarted devices and updated iTunes without resolution of the problem.  I would appreciate your help.  Thanks.

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    You might have better luck posting this in the iBooks support forum - but it sounds like you left out a step before it left your Mac. - How did you export the finished book? What file format is it in?

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    I submitted my question under iBooks.

    I opened my book using iBooks Author.  I saved a version.  I locked it.  Under file, I selected publish. My iPad was connected. From the MacBook, I selected the iPad as the device.  My book appears on my iPad but when I try to open, my iPad screen goes to the home screen and the book will not open. 


    Before completing the book, I often successfully previewed my work in progress.  Even now I can preview each chapter successfully.  I tried deleting half of the text and previewing this. It would not open on my iPad. Thanks for help.

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    I misspoke above.  I pushed PREVIEW, not publish.  I am attempting to preview at this time, not publish.  Should I try to publish since I have checked each chapter or should I resolve this preview issue before proceeding. Again I thank you.

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    You need to use the "Share" - export function to get it on your iPad.  The File - Publish is for getting the book into the iBookstore.  You can do that too, any easy way is open a free account at LuLu.