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Recently recieved a replacement 4s. I restored through iCloud and it worked (slow) but great at restoring all settings, pix, etc except for my music. My laptop recently crashed that I used my iTunes with. I transferred all music via thumb drive to a new computer, and then transferred the music into iTunes. I am now trying to sync my music onto the replacement phone, but only about half of the music is syncing. All music is showing up in my iPhone but half are greyed out? The songs are able to be played on the computer through iTunes but remain unselectable through iPhone. I deleted all songs from iTunes and from the iPhone twice and replaced them twice, still no change? I tried clicking and unclicking sync all music. I tried clicking sync manually. PLEASE HELP. Had no trouble with this with my first iPhone 4s. This is turning into a headache and I am getting frustrated. The replacement came from Apple/Verizon so it is not from a random Joe Shmoe from Ebay. I don't know how to fix this issue.


PS to Apple, please please please work on a more user friendly process in the future rather than iTunes... It only complicates the whole apple experience... :/

iPhone 4S, iOS 5.1.1
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    So somehow I got all the songs to appear in black on my iPhone, but all the songs now have "grey" duplicates appearing only on my iPhone. All appears normal on iTunes. I am unable to delete these "grey" dups from the iPhone, even by going into settings>general>usage>music then edit and I deleted all music. The "black" dups erase but the "grey" dups remain. At this point I am just going to have to live with the list of dups... unless anyone knows how to delete the non working "Grey" tracks. What in the world is going on? Apple please address this issue. I did a search for both of these issues on google and found a hundreds and hundreds of threads!!!!!!!!!!! And apple GET RID OF ITUNES SYNCING

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    I had this problem with a few songs on my iPhone. This is what I did. I use the option "Only Sync Checked Songs". Then, I unchecked the songs that were greyed out. Then I synced my iPhone again and it removed the greyed out songs from my playlist. I checked the songs again and synced it and it copied over properly. Hope this helps.

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    It was easier for me to just totally resync the music on the device! Thanks, justgotya

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    I had same problem and took half a day to figure it out... I tried everything i could think or read here and nothing worked. So i decide to restore my iPhone 4S and configure it as a new one. But before, i did some copy/paste of my photos/video folders from Windows Explorer then i've select all then tried to delete it from windows explorer..after few deleted i got a message saying that the device wasnt responding or was unpluged. But wasnt.


    some files was not deletable. And in my iPhone the pictures wasnt there too but files was listed in windows explorer....


    So, i did a Photos sync but choosing the Windows Sample folder only. It wiped out all my photos folder and did new one, then all my songs were synced again and all is back and playable.


    I suggest, look if you have photos, videos, apps that isnt working or not deletable.. then wipe it out by an iTunes sync (unselecting sync those things or sync completely different apps or folder)


    It worked for me... Hope you get it fixed too.

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    im going to see if this works. Apple Store didnt even know what to do! Thx!

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    I have had a very similar problem, where songs from my library (items I had purchased from itunes store and others I transferred from CD) were not syncing with my Iphone 4s and appearing grey.

    I went to the apple store, where they told me to delete the greyed music items and resync my phone.


    It worked for for about a week until more and more songs on my iphone started to turn grey and it wasn't even music I had recently purchased.


    Now I can click on a song on my phone and there is a real chance that it will turn grey and wont play - It appears this issue is multiplying. Apple store referred me to a 1300 number, as no-one in the store new what to do.


    Has anyone had this multiplying grey issue before?

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    Un-sync all your music to remove it from the device, then restart (hold down the home button along with the sleep/wake button until you see the apple, then let go). Now re-sync your music.