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Using iPod shuffle 4th generation for first time and receiving the error : one of the USB devices attached to this computer has malfunctioned, and windows does not recognize it. For assistance in solving this problem, click this message.



Using win 7 and latest iTunes [10.6.3]. Have already gone through below links and did not find any solution.












iPod shuffle, Windows 7
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    As a test, try shutting down the computer and removing all USB devices, including hub.  Use this procedure to reset iPod




    Start up computer with only standard keyboard and mouse connected (if it's not a laptop).  Run iTunes.  Connect shuffle to a direct USB port on computer.


    If that works better, there must be a conflict with one of the other devices, OR having all devices connected at the same time is overloading the computer's USB bus (for power usage).  You can experiment some more, with alternating devices connected...

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    Apparently this also doesn't help... i have restarted my system 4-5 times already to make it work... All futile so far..

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    Here are some snapshots.


    I tried again today, first time when i connected my ipod to laptop, it started with the first pop-up and finished all the installations successfully.


    After i was able to sync my ipod and started with the usual registration stuff, it agains gave the Pop up with error message :"one of the USB devices attached to this computer has malfunctioned, and windows does not recognize it. For assistance in solving this problem, click this message"


    On clicking on it, it gave the pop-up 2 screen.


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    I was hoping it would be something like a USB device conflict, but now the shuffle is the only thing connected...


    This article was one of the ones you linked to above in your initial post




    Under Part 9. Verify that USB drivers are installed, did you try the steps in If only "Unknown Device" appears?  That appears to be your situation.


    Also, you said that the shuffle initially worked well enough to do a sync, then it had the same problem again.  If you can get it to work again initially, before doing anything else, try the following.  Select the shuffle in the iTunes sidebar, under DEVICES.  Over to the right, go to the Summary tab.  By default, the checkbox for Enable disk use should be unchecked.  If so, check it and Apply the change.  See if that makes any difference. 


    (If Enable disk use was already checked, try unchecking it and Apply the change.  Basically, set it the "other way" and see if there is any improvement.)


    NOTE:  When disk use is enabled, you have to eject the iPod in iTunes before disconnecting it physically.


    If the disk use change makes a difference, that may provide a clue about the actual cause.

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    Thanks Kenichi!


    But, your help did not resolve my issue yet.


    Just to be doubly sure, i did try to use itunes and ipod shuffle 4th generation in my windows XP SP2 desktop machine, and the issue still persist.


    Here are few more snapshots, i can present as a reply to the changes i see as per above recommendation.


    Snapshot after i reconnect the Ipod to my system :


    Snapshot of Error in Devices :



    Any help... Been more than 1 week, i have got the ipod, but haven't been able to use it yet!

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    So changing the Enable disk use setting (suggested in my previous reply) did not make any difference?  (Assuming you can get it to work initially to change that setting.)


    Can you list all the computers (type and OS) that you have tried this on?  If it does not work on two or more significantly different PCs, it may be a defective shuffle.


    If you have an Apple Store nearby, you can make a reservation at the Genius Bar.  If one of your PCs is a laptop, you may want to bring it along.  If the shuffle works with their machine but not with your laptop, maybe they can figure out why...  If the shuffle is defective, you can see about getting it replaced.


    If this is a recent purchase, you can also contact the "official" Apple tech support directly, through the Contact Us link at the bottom right corner of this web page.

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    No, i wasn't able to restart it again


    I have tried it in my Self-assembeled Desktop (Win XP SP2 x86) and my Dell Latitude E6400 Laptop(Win 7 x86).


    This indeed was a recent purchase. Just one week back. Should i be going to Apple store with my laptop or to the Authorised service center of Apple?


    I shall also try the "Official" Apple  tech support directly...


    Thanks a lot Kenichi ! You help has been great in giving me some ray of hopes..

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    If you have an Apple Store conveniently located, you should go there.  You can make a reservation at the Genius Bar (so you don't have to wait) on your store's web page.




    If they find that the shuffle is defective, you can see about getting it replaced right away.

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    I believe they don't have option of Genius Bar in Indian Apple stores ( Tied up with other big Electornic stores) .. I would have to go personally, wait and find someone in the Apple Store for hekping me out. Even Express Service is not available for India.



    Pankaj Bhatt