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I recently bought a used MacBook Air from a reputable dealer.   When I got home I did a Time Machine dump from my MacBook Pro which

had died due to liquid spillage (another story).    For some reason, the Time Machine  transfer  didnt take,  I am trying to delete the

Time Machine files which showed up as myname.noindex.   I cannot seem to get rid of these files.   When I try to delete the files, it

looks as though they are being deleted, yet they remain.   Now I am told I need a password, which was imputed at the store (they cant

remember what it is).  Why is the MBA asking for the  password now, after the Time Machine dump?


Long story short, how do I get rid of these noindex files and restore this computer to a clean state?




MacBook Air, iOS 5.1.1
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    Some of the phraseology you have chose to use makes the post a tad difficult to follow.


    "Did a Time machine dump"....... What is that?


    Anyway,...moving on.


    You are saying you are trying to delete "Time Machine files". Since you call them "Time Machine Files", I presume these are files not on any system, but on the Time Machine backup drive. As a rule, you should never, ever, ever manipulate, delete, alter or touch any individual or group of files that are part of a Time Machine Backup. If you need to erase any Time Machine files, this is best accomplushed with a complete reformat of the drive on which the Time Machine Backup resides.

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    Sorry for the confusing phraseology...thanks for the reply.


    Ill try to outline  the problem in point form:


    -I bought a used MacBook Air

    -I loaded a Time Machine Backup (backup from another computer)  from a hard drive unto the MacBook Air

    -For some reason the Time Machine files did not load onto the MacBook Air,  only showing a folder call myname.noindex in the users folder of the MBA that seem to have overloaded the MBA's hard drive.

    -The files that I want to delete are on the MBA, not on the Time Machine Backup.

    -The computer is now asking for a password which either myself or the store I bought it from have.

    -I would like  to get the MBA back to its clean state and delete the files from the Time Machine transfer ie...myname.noindex  files



    Sorry for any confusion.

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    It sounds like you used an "unorthodox" method to bring over your Time Machine backup, and not use the proscribed methods. Maybe you just copied the files, instead of importing them.


    If you have a reasonably fast internet connection, I would start over, if I were in your position.


    You will need to reformat the Air's main drive and then reinstall the operating system. After which, on the very first boot of the Air, have read the Time Machine Backup, so that you can use Setup Assistant to "import" all the data, settings, apps, and users from the Time Machine Backup of the old system. The result is a very clean, seamless transition from your old system.


    1) Boot to the Recovery Partition on the Air (hold down the option key while booting, and then select the Recovery HD).


    2) Launch Disk Utility, then format the partition called "Macintosh HD". Use "Mac OS Extended, Journaled" as the format. Exit Disk Utility then select "reinstall Mac OS X" from the dialog box. You have to make sure you have a good internet connection, and the SSID & WPA encryption password of your network.


    3) Once installed, follow all the prompts for setup. Near the end, you will be asked whether you wish to transfer data from another computer (select the Time Machine Backup, after attaching said backup to your computer via the USB port)


    That's it, in a nutshell.