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We've implemented a new XSAN running lion server but we're not able to create an OD replica using GUI. First it seems it create it, but after 15 seconds it was with the green condition it goes yellow again and says "it's not a master directory replica". Any help would be greatly appreciated it!

XSAN 2.3 and PromiseX30
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    This process has been a royal pain in the ....  Take a look here:




    I've found some success in using the command line method.  And I have yet to make this work when the replica is on a remote subnet. 


    Very frustrating.

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    I am sure the XSAN part is not of the issue, but rather the latter, 10.7 and replica.  I have had issues in the past although I had to do a lot of digging to get it to work.  Will say that subnetting is an issue when it comes to a replica, although 10.6 was also troublesome to say the least.  When I created the replica I actually had to keep the console open on the master to view the logs and what I found was interesting to say the least.  Now I am not sure if 10.7.4 fixes this but I would suggest that you boot the Server and login as root.  Then open Server Admin and create the replica.  I noticed that did not produce so many errors on either side.  I did post this to Apple but do not have the case # for it.  I would try this and let me know what occurs.  It would also help if you can post log data so I can help further.

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    Hi Strontium90 and rkovelman,

    I downloaded the server admin app and tried to configure the replica from there and after a couple of minutes (in the maentime the clients were disconnected from the XSAN!!) it came with the replica OK but in the matedata controller status it showed a sign saying "incorrect search policies". It was a matter of configure the master server in the "User accounts" login options.

    Now all is green and happy!!


    Thank you very much for all of your help!


    All the Best