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Is it possible to send someone, say via dropbox, a copy of a DVD image so you don't have to mail them a physical copy?

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    There are some problems with that.


    SL-DVD are 4.2Gb (or about) and DL-DVD about 8Gb.


    My Internet connection would need a full day to transfer this. - But You might have a Fiber Commercial connection.


    BUT then the receiver.


    My e-mail is limited to 25Mb (about 170 times to small)


    YouSentIt - can send 100Mb for free and about x2 for a fee


    So You need to make a special direct connection to make this work.


    I think that a DVD and TNT or DHL or any other delivery company can be much much more effective in my cases.


    Yours Bengt W

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    The short answer is... No, if you want to do it for FREE.


    You can always just upload the video you want the other person to see, to a service like Youtube, Vimeo, Dailymotion, Facebook, and then send the other person a private link, that allows only the other person to view the video online.





    If you want to spend some money and you have an EXTRA-FAST-internet-upload connection... You can always use services like MEDIAFIRE, RAPIDSHARE, DEPOSITFILES.







    FYI... iChat is another great and FREE way to share video with another person...


    Quickly share home video via iChat





    Mac 101: iChat