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I am using an iPhone and Mac laptop, with Apple Mail and a branded email address that I set up up to run through Google's email servers. When I receive an incoming email on my computer and reply to it from my computer (within Mac Mail), I see the little reply swirly icon to the left of the message, which is indicates that I have replied and is also hyperlinked to a new window, which when clicked shows the actual reply that I sent (see attached screenshot). 


However, when I receives and reply to an email *from my phone*, and then go to Mac Mail program later on my laptop, no such reply arrow icon appears next to the particular email message. Thus, I am not sure/can't remember if I replied or not. I can look in my SENT folder to check to see if I replied or not, but I really shouldn't have to take this extra step. The arrow icon should show up   Anyone know of a fix?


MacBook, Mac OS X (10.7.4)