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I have 2 email addresses from .mac.

One moved over fine and has been running with icloud. The other is stuck in a loop.

i try to sign into icloud with the second account. It says "to sign in, move the account to icloud. i click 'get started" It sends me to mobile and it says closed. it auto bounces me to a page that says "Congratulations!" you can now use *********@me.com and mac.com but it's my OTHER working icloud account NOT the email address i am trying to add an icloud account for.

I cannot see any way to add it to my existing icloud account.

I tried to delete it from my mac and re-add it as an icloud account. It tells me to move it..... (i did)

Do I make an icloud account for the second .mac address as well, or somehow add it to my current working icloud account?

i also have an ipad and iphone waiting for proper configuration. Everything worked on all devices untim mobilme shut down


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    Was the second email address (1) a separate account, (2) part of a family pack, (3) an alias, (4) an email-only account, or (5) something else?

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    You mention that you're using 2 computers, are they running different OSX ? The OSX v 10.7...

    must be okay I'd assume. The System Requirements for older than Leopard ( OSX v 10.4 thru

    10.5 ) may be problematic. I'm having that particular problem. When you log onto .me or .mac

    seeking iCloud ( or direct URL) and encounter that " moved" sign, there is a Status button in

    the far left corner of your screen. Click there and determine your Online Status, if that's fine

    you've done the right thing during your update. It could be that your older Browser, Email settings

    or simply the OS does not sync to deliver ino to your (?) older Mac/OS. Keep trying here for a

    expert opinion as I am here for my quiry but edit your question above to include those

    parameters ( settings, syst req, etc ). Someone more knowledgeable will help.

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    I think i remember paying for the second email address years ago. It likely was email only. It seems to be a separate Apple ID by default  as I logged into it (somehow) from (I think) Apple support/manage Apple id's today.


    All OS are up to date.

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    Any ideas?

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    In answer to one of your original questions, I don't think you can add one account to another.

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    So if I have 2 .me/.mac personal email addresses (initially paid for). How do I set them up? The first is moved to iCloud. How do I configure the second to get my mail? .mac servers refuse me now and iCloud won't move second email address. Second account has been collecting mail I can't get to for weeks.



  • markwmsn Level 5 Level 5

    Sorry, I have no answer for how to do it at this late date. I made sure to move all of mine before MobileMe closed.

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    I'm afraid that if you have a MobileMe account which has not been migrated to iCloud, this is no longer possible and the account and its contents have been deleted.


    If you have managed to migrate your second account (you can check this by logging into it at http://icloud.com) you can set it up in System Preferences>Mail Contacts & Calendars where it will run alongside the main account.