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I have found a lot of frustration around this topic but no answers. 

I have a MacBook Pro with Mac OS X Version 10.7.4.

I have a video I made with iMovie.  I want to burn it to a DVD for commercial DVD playback.  It's as simple as that. 


Things I've tried. 

1. Using iMovie, I saved an HD version of the project to my desktop as a .MOV file.  I know I can just burn that to a DVD.  It won't play.  I need a utility/program to put the necessary files on the DVD so a commercial namebrand DVD player will have what it needs. 


2. I heard iDVD used to do this but it's not on my MacBook Pro (Lion OS).  I've researched things like "What replaced iDVD" but found nothing but a but of complaining.  (and I can see why).


3. I have looked for freeware.  It all looks fishy. 


Other options I'm looking into.

Use my Mac and connect a cable to the big TV screen.  Play the movie using this screen as a secondary monitor.  Problem - I have a dozen cables but none for this combo. 


Move the .MOV file to a PC and play it using QuickTime.  The cables I have will work for a PC to TV.  Sad option. 

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