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So I had a HUGE 11-track garageband project, and I hadnt saved it yet. So then my computer ran out of power, and instead of going to sleep, it shut down on the spot, along with the hard drive. So I had to do a normal boot up and it turned out my work had been lost. What do I do?! Can I get it back somehow? Can I restore the mac to its state before the comp died? please, anything! D:

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.7.4), 15", 2.0 GHz Intel Quad-Core i7
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    What kind of work? Did you make "Real Instruments" recording? These may have survived the crash - GarageBand writes the recordings immediately to the drive, even before saving.


    Ctrl-click your project and select "Show Package Contents"; then your recorded audio tracks should be visible in the "Media" folder, like in this example - a project before the first saving:



    However, with software instruments and loops I see no help; these will only be written to your disk when you save the project, and thus, they will not appear in your Time Machine backup until you safe them.




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    Yes, I found out about this shortly after I posted the question, but there are 154 files in there that I don't want to go through to find out which ones are the final takes and all that, so I've decided to just restart th project. The good thing is, it will be better than the original project!