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Dear All,

Can any one help me hide the parental Controls pop up window? Screen Shot 2012-07-06 at 7.02.13 PM.png

We recently joined all mac clients computer to lion server using open directory, however only the lion client computer pop up the parental controles window every time  the system try to connect to restricted web sites.


however i dont want to remove my websits restriction but i dont want to have this pop up window.


any help???



Mac OS X (10.7.4)
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    Sorry, I have no help for you here but I can comiserate .  The fact that the popup comes up every single time my kids load a page with an https link is absolutely crazy, and no, I've found no way to shut it off.  At this point, my six-year-old just thinks this is how the web works and just closes the popups anytime the come up.  I've provided apple my feedback via https://www.apple.com/feedback/ and I suggest you do the same.  Good luck to us all.



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    thank you for your reply. I am looking now  for a low cost solution to restrict access to websutes other than parental control. Can any one help suggest a solution to manage internet and websites restrictions??


    Thx u

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    While it only works at the domain level, not the page level, we've been using OpenDNS's servers and categoriziation.  I'm not sure what your specific goal is (parental controls, workplace, gambling, etc.), but OpenDNS has a variety of pre-set categories to choose from and you can specifically block domains as well.  Free version and very low cost if you want to pay for some of the more advanced option. 


    Obviously only works for DNS queries, sites that refer to something in a cloud domain (e.g. amazonaws) or direct by IP address will be let through though.



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    my case is as follows:


    we are in a corporate we have a lion server, and all client computer are joined to it, my goal is to restrict access to websites such as facebook youtube and so on.


    i used the parental control tool to block access to these websites and it works effective, but the problem is i want to hide the pop up window and if we cannot hid the pop up window we must deploy a new tool to restrict access to these websites.


    this is the main goal is to restrict access to websites.


    So, Will the OpenDNS's servers and categoriziation works in my case?? or fit to achive my goal???


    thx u

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    i tested Open DNS server and categoriziation and it worked v gd thx u dear Omniver!

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    Did anyone find a fix for this??

    I have Parental Control turned on for my 2 kids - I'm really surprised to see how many times the pop-up is actually triggered. We miss a way to ignore the warning, omit the pop-up and just write it in the log. There's no point in informing a minor about stuff we really want them not to be concerned about.



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    Hi Sir,


    As indicated in our posts above, i turned off the parental control feature and used open DNS to solve the issue of web restriction.




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    I also want to have possibility to hide the pop up window with blocking information... The really useful parental control should work transparently. That is obvious.