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I use Xserve running 10.6.8 and all users have Mac and log in as domain user. I have three internal hard disk, one for the system and the others for the home users (raid disks). I also have tow external SATA hard drives, one as shear disk for data and the other for time machine backup.

All disks have space (30 - 40 % used). I use 3Com 1Gb switch. Everything worked normally 6 months ago. One week ago I had this problem: when the users login and start work, they work around one hour normally and after that some computers start stack (run slowly) and take time to respond for any action. And when they logout and login again their account work normally also around one hour then start stack.

I restarted the server but same thing happened, the network traffic average 18-24mb/s and the CPU between 20-40%. Fro some users I restored their account months ago from time machine then it works normally for a few days then starts to crash.

I created a new user but same problem happened (work normally for 1-2 hour then start to crash until they logout then login they account worked normally for 1-2 hour). This happens only with domain users, if I login as local user the machine works normally.

I don't know if the problem is in the accounts or in the network. I hope some one can help me.