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I had trouble connecting to the internet. I made an appointment with apple store, took my imac in. they ran diagnostic and found no problems. but reformatted the disk for me using time machine. i brought it home and it worked. then when i put the mac to sleep and came backto using it, the internet was gone. so i called apple store and they said try deleting the system configuration folder under library - preferences - system config. i did that. then restarted and the internet worked. now i have to do this all the time to connect.


what should i do? please help.

iMac, Mac OS X (10.7.4)
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    Ensure all available software updates have been installed.

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    Thanks Jake,


    so far all my software has been updated to the most recent one released. however the problem still occured constantly.


    after posting the question and getting ur reply, the last few times i have tried to connect to the internet, i have had no problems. im just going to wait for the release of osx mountain lion and if the problem still persists, i will have to take it in and get the hardware looked at.


    thank you for your response.

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    Sounds like a plan.

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    having the same problem again. now i have to delete the systems config folder everytime i power up my imac or wake it up from sleep. some times i have to delete it 3-4 times before the internet works for me.


    god know what happened to this imac. it was running so smoothly.

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    I suspect you may be going down the path of a red herring here.


    When you say you cant connect, describe in details exactly what this means.

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    Hello Hackintosh.


    Basically i have connection problems. every time i put the imac to sleep or shut it down, when i start it back up, the web browser says, you are not connected to the internet, please connect to the network. the air port icon at the top shows full strength. but the browser says its not connected to the internet.


    when i click on network diagnostic from with in the brower, it shows the ethernet is connected and the wifi has an ip address.


    then i have to close everything, go into library > preferences > and delete the system configuration folder and restart. when i restart the airport icon is light gray. its not connected. i click and hover over the airport sign and it picks up my wifi connection. i give it a min before opening the browser.


    when i open the browser, i have the same error message. you are not connected to the internet. then there is the network diagnostic button below the error message.


    sometimes i have to restart multiple times (around 3-4) and again go back into the preferences folder and delete the system configuration folder. some times it doesnt work how many times i do this.


    everything was working fine till i removed the ethernet connection to clean the desk. then all **** broke loose. this is getting annoying.


    i booked an appointment with the apple store and they ran diagnostics and everything came back negative. it picked up the wifi in the store right away and they could browse. they connected an ethernet cable and it worked. they booted it up from the network menu for this.


    then they booted my computer the normal way and they ran into the same problem. so they reformatted my hard disk and reintstalled OS X Lion.


    now i have OS X Mountain Lion and i still have the same problems. cant be virus because when the hard disk was wiped clean, it would have wiped the virus out too......at least i think it would have.


    could you help? i have extended warranty from best buy on this mac so i will take it to them to have a look aswell. but i want to see if i can fix this myself. dont feel like lugging this thing around  everywhere.


    hope to hear from you soon.