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I am running 1.2.1 on new ipad. The instructions provided here indicate i should connect to my mac - open a new track in either voice or guitar mode (blue trac) and then double tap the track to get a select all / import option however my double tap does not give me anything in empty file. Any help?

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    There are two separate stages to the process, one of which is different with later builds of GarageBand.


    To add audio samples to GarageBand (which can then be used in any project) connect the device to iTunes on your computer and use the File Sharing feature to add files as described in that support document. Once the files have been added you can disconnect the device from your computer.


    To insert samples into a specific track in a project, select the track, then use the Loops tool and select Audio Files, then proceed as you would for inserting Apple Loops.