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Just opened a new MacBookPro 15".    When the MagSafe power adapter is plugged in, I feel electrostatic sensations (like static electricity) as my hand glides over the surface.   These sensations are pronounced, but disappear when:


1.  My other hand simply touches the Mac anywhere and simultaneously, and/or


2.  The power adapter is removed to pulled from the AC or


3.  The original style MacSafe power adapter is used.



It's not polarity nor the AC of my residence, as I've tried this in other environments.


Those of you with the mid-2012 MacBookPro with HiRes Display please plug in your MagSafe adapter so the battery is charging and try this:   With only one hand (preferably the side of your hand near your baby finger), rub over the top surface anywhere.  Then try the same thing with the MagSafe removed.  Then put the MagSafe back in so the charging light appears, and rub the surface again using only one hand.    If you feel the static-like sensations, continue doing that but simultaneously touch the computer with your other hand.


Do you experience the issue described above ?  Unclear if it's my Mac and/or the MagSafe.



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