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David Schnur Level 1 (25 points)

In the past several days, whenever I start my desktop Mac (iMac Core i3; OS 10.7.4), the internet connection on my Time Capsule (1TB) dies, and neither that Mac nor any other device connected to the Time Capsule (ver 7.6.1) can use the internet. Once I shut my iMac down, my MacBook and iPhone can connect via the Time Capsule to the internet without trouble.


More info:

-- The internet will come back up for short periods of time and function fine on my iMac, then quickly go back down.

-- The light on the Time Capsule continues shining solid green, even when the connection is not working, as does the light on my DSL modem.

-- AirPort Utility shows the internet cycling intermittantly between connected and disconnected. But it shows the internet as "connected" far longer than I actually have a functioning connection.

-- I don't recall having updated any system software on my Mac. Since the problem started I updated the Time Capsule to the current firmware, to no effect.


Any ideas what's going on?

iMac, Mac OS X (10.7.4), Time Capsule 1TB
  • LaPastenague Level 8 (48,834 points)

    Is the Mac connecting by ethernet or wifi? I don't see that you have told us that.


    Look at the connectivity led for ethernet on the TC if you are using ethernet.. and also look at the TC log.


    Is it a Gen 3? Does the log show a whole bunch of events where the TC is connected and then disconnected..


    If so your TC is dying. It has nothing to do with any update.

    https://sites.google.com/site/lapastenague/a-deconstruction-of-routers-and-modem s/apple-time-capsule-repair/new-issue-with-a1355-gen-3-tc


    If you are connecting by wireless.. I am not sure.. but it is still probably an indication of the TC on the way out.. if it is an older Gen 1 or Gen 2, then just the standard power supply issue.. but somehow it is the imac affecting it more than anything else.

  • David Schnur Level 1 (25 points)

    I connect via WiFi.

    It's a 3rd Gen (A1355)


    Since all my devices connect to the Time Capsule via WiFi, it seems strange that one would cause it problems when the others don't. Wondering if it's some setting on the offending Mac?

  • LaPastenague Level 8 (48,834 points)

    If you haven't changed anything recently it is hard to imagine how... although upgrade install of Lion is known to mess up the wireless.. usually won't affect the rest of the network.


    I would reset the TC and change its name as well as the wireless names to SMB standard.. short, no spaces pure alphanumeric.. I do not run Lion and don't have issues.. (as a consequence).. but I have noted people advise this.


    Set a different name for 5ghz.. follow the same rules.


    Then do a test.. with no security.. if that works then add wpa2 personal security.. passkey of 8-12 pure alphanumeric characters.


    Make sure the country  code is set correctly and the Mac is picking that up from the TC.


    Look closely at the TC log.. it does show a lot of info.

  • David Schnur Level 1 (25 points)

    I've never messed around in Console before. What am I looking for in the logs? Is this evidence of the problem:


    7/8/12 9:19:13.118 PM com.apple.usbmuxd: _SendDetachNotification (thread 0x7fff767cc960): sending detach for device d0:23:db:af:0c:b8@fe80::d223:dbff:feaf:cb8._apple-mobdev._tcp.local.: _BrowseReplyReceivedCallback got bonjour removal.

  • LaPastenague Level 8 (48,834 points)

    I was meaning the log in the TC... that looks like your Mac log.. bonjour removal.. looks kinda strange.. but I would not get too bothered. See what the TC tells you is going on.

  • David Schnur Level 1 (25 points)

    Well, that was a challenge, finding my TC log -- since AirPort Utility 6.1 doesn't include logs and 5.6.1 doesn't load on OS 10.7.4. Eventually I got to 5.6, and what I saw on the log didn't point out any obvious problem.


    Here's the entire log from the time I turned on my offending Mac to the time I turned it off, including when the internet disconnected and briefly reconnected, as viewed from another Mac that doesn't cause problems for my Time Capsule.


    Jul 09 22:36:48Severity:5Associated with station d8:30:62:5d:b7:0b
    Jul 09 22:36:48Severity:5Installed unicast CCMP key for supplicant d8:30:62:5d:b7:0b
    Jul 09 22:36:51Severity:5Binding added for udp, to with lifetime 7200
    Jul 09 22:36:54Severity:5Connection accepted from [fe80::da30:62ff:fe5d:b70b%bridge0]:49152.
    Jul 09 22:36:54Severity:5Connection accepted from [fe80::da30:62ff:fe5d:b70b%bridge0]:49153.
    Jul 09 22:36:55Severity:5Connection accepted from [fe80::da30:62ff:fe5d:b70b%bridge0]:49154.
    Jul 09 22:39:53Severity:5Connection accepted from [fe80::60c:ceff:fed8:5da4%bridge0]:50375.
    Jul 09 22:39:54Severity:5Connection accepted from [fe80::60c:ceff:fed8:5da4%bridge0]:50376.
    Jul 09 22:40:06Severity:5Connection accepted from [fe80::60c:ceff:fed8:5da4%bridge0]:50377.
    Jul 09 22:40:07Severity:5Connection accepted from [fe80::60c:ceff:fed8:5da4%bridge0]:50378.
    Jul 09 22:40:07Severity:5Connection accepted from [fe80::60c:ceff:fed8:5da4%bridge0]:50379.
    Jul 09 22:43:27Severity:5Binding dropped for udp to
    Jul 09 22:43:31Severity:5Disassociated with station d8:30:62:5d:b7:0b
    Jul 09 22:43:31Severity:5Rotated CCMP group key.


    Nothing jumped out at me as wrong, but I don't especially know what to look for. Is this helpful to you?

  • LaPastenague Level 8 (48,834 points)

    Turn off ipv6 in the imac..

    Go to the wireless in network preferences,, advanced.. tcp/ip and turn off ipv6.

    Assuming you are not actually using ipv6 yet.. and none of the other products are.. the imac seems to be using ipv6 and that could be causing all sorts of chaos.

  • David Schnur Level 1 (25 points)

    If I'm looking in the right place, there doesn't seem to be an Off option, just Link-Local Only, Automatic and Manual. I tried Link-Local Only and Automatic, to no visible effect, and Manual had a bunch of configuration options that still didn't include Off.

  • jakeloveslucy Level 2 (330 points)

    On your computer, open System Preferences and navigate to Network. From the top of this pane, create a new Location name (such as today's date or other preferred name). Make sure you click Apply, on bottom right.


    You may also consider changing your network channel to either 3 or 9.


    If all else fails, I suggest downgrading the firmware of the Time Capsule.


    Airport Utility 6:

    Open Airport Utility and select the Time Capsule, hold the Option key and single click on the Version number. Choose 7.5.1 if available.