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    Thank you thank you!!  Wondershare is the only thing that has worked to let me transfer my music to my iphone!!

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    I want to thank you for your excellent post, and kudos to you!  It provided me with the exact help I needed.  I have been working with non-Apple devices for about 25 years. When I first started using iTunes, it seemed to be much easier and intuitive; the updates in the past year and half have been frustrating to work with; they ARE NOT intuitive at all, and that warning message threw me off, too.  Had you not written your post, I'd still be searching trying to find an answer to something that should be so simple.  I work with users on a daily basis and I hope I never, ever give them a response like you received here. No wonder people are afraid to ask questions!

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    Just plug it in to your computer. It will recognize it as a different device and you will be able to set what does and does not sync to it. I have an iphone5, iphone4 that I am now using as an iPod, and an iPad2 all syncing to the same computer with the same apple id. iTunes will give them different names, to help you keep them straight.

    There is also solution about how to transfer music from iPhone to iTunes, that will work for a lot more than music well.

    Good Luck!


    I follow the guide above and I now have my iTunes music on my iPhone. Thx.

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    Thank you!

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    Ditto. :-)

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    Connect your phone to iTunes and do the following:


    1. On the summary tab of your iTunes sync settings check "Sync only checked songs and videos"
    2. In your music library check all the songs you want to sync to your phone
    3. Make sure there are no exclamation points next to any of the songs you want to sync to your phone
    4. Make sure you have authorized your computer for all Apple IDs for purchased music you want to sync to your phone (in Store>Authorize This Computer)
    5. Check "Sync Music" on the Music tab of your iTunes sync settings
    6. Sync your phone

    I've successfully sync music to my iPhone by the above steps. Thank you for sharing. But the other way around, I need to transfer music from iPhone to PC so that I can move them to my iPod, which iTunes can't do.

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    i had a same problem but i can managed to solved.from the net download the program call DETUNE!!!!!


    good luck!

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    Yeah... Just as mentioned above, you can do that with iTunes. It's easy to be done. Launch iTunes on your computer and plug into your iPhone to the PC. Click the "File" button and choose to add files or folder from your PC to iTunes library. Click the "Music" icon to sync the audio files. Check the "Sync Music" icon to decide to sync "Entire music library" or "Selected playlists, artists, albums, and genres". If you want to copy the entire music library, check that option and it is done by clicking "Apply". So that you can transfer music from iTunes to iPhone.

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    I just figured this out!  It was driving me nuts. 


    Connect your iPhone to your Mac.

    Open iTunes on your Mac.

    On top left are little icons for music, film, tv, and your iPhone.

    Click on the iPhone icon.

    New mini screen pops up.

    On the left hand side menu, click on music.

    New mini screen pops up to the right - it says "Sync" at the top.

    Click on the radio button that says "Entire music library".

    You're done - you'll see that beautiful sight of all your music loading on to your iPhone. 

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    Because finding the manual isn't any easier.

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