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I have about 50 DVDs. I successfully ripped the main feature out and converted them to mp4s with the plan to build a playlist so they would either play sequentially, or random with or without repeating as music does. Since it was only the main feature with no user interface copy, I figured it would work like a music playlist. WRONG! Plays one movie and stops after movie completed.


Any clues why we're not seeing standard playlist behavior that we are used to with music files? How do we work around the problem?





MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.6.7), (10.6.8 actually)
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    Additional info: playlist will play sequentially and move on to the next video, but will not shuffle. If shuffle is selected, when the video ends, it reverts bck to the standard iTunes window.


    (at least we have sequential)


    Worse comes to worse, I can manually reorder things if I have to...