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  • Markino Level 1 Level 1

    They are losing a lot of customers in a silly way, I will no longer buy books on Apple store. Music is ok because I can listen my songs in any device.

  • Simon Heywood Level 1 Level 1

    I think that Apple seems to see itself as a hardware product company, but iTunes, iCloud etc are cross platform software products.  Somehow they need to come to terms with being a big brand in software products and those products should carry excellent design and just work on all Apple devices, at least.  Some products act as a bridge to draw users of other platforms in - so long as it is a two-way bridge.  For example, products like Dropbox make it really easy to use files on all of your platforms.

  • CAZ8 Level 1 Level 1

    I can read it on my mac. Just follow the steps on this youTube video v=2vQ5PWa161k


    Good as Gold!

  • Tom Gewecke Level 9 Level 9

    CAZ8 wrote:


    I can read it on my mac. Just follow the steps on this youTube video v=2vQ5PWa161k



    That is only good for books without DRM.  There has never been any problem reading such books on a Mac.  But neither Adobe Digital Editions nor any other app will read books with DRM, which is what most people want to do and why these discussion threads exist.

  • botro Level 1 Level 1

    I'm switching to Kindle or ebooks on Amazon. Kindle app works great. Apple has their head up their *** once again with not being able to read purchased ebooks across all Apple platforms. For example the iSC2 chapters for CISSP cannot be read on the Mac from what I can tell. I don't want to lug my iPad when I have my MacBook Pro with me in order to read

  • NineTigers Level 1 Level 1

    I have a Retina pro 15 that cost almost three thousand and I can't buy and read ibooks on it. This is not only extrememly dissapointing and infuriating, it's extremely embarrassing. I don't dare mention this to my friends who all use windows. I would never hear the end of it.


    I thought Mountain Lion would certainly bring this feature. Since it hasn't I have bought zero ibooks and I never will buy them until the app is on my mac. My Kindle app also looks horrible on my retina screen so this puts me in a bind. Sometimes it feels like Apple doesn't really care about it's customers, other times it feels like they really do. I'll let you guess which time I feel this appears to be.


    I bought an ipad for my mother, and I thought about a new ipad mini or fourth gen retina pad for me. Without ibooks on my mac I am not even considering buying either. I keep thinking I will see it in the app store any day, but I never do. This is beyond sad and ridiculous. How can Apple be thought of as a good company when not even ibooks has cross platform capability.


    Oh yea, I just remembered I bought applecare so my computer cost more than three thousand. Still no ibooks, YIKES!!!!

  • botro Level 1 Level 1

    Too add insult to injury, iBooks 3.0 that was just released does not address this issue of reading DRM pubs on a Mac. Looking into this issue further, it turns out we don't purchase digital books, we license them. Unlike a hard copy we don't own our purchases.


    I don't like the fact that I have multiple iOS6 devices - some for work and some for home and since I use different Apple ID's not only can't I share DRM but I can't share apps I've purchased from my personal iPad to my work iPhone. And I'm not going to purchase an App for each device.

  • NineTigers Level 1 Level 1

    I just thought of another thing that is really hurting Apple. Many people ask me about owning a mac since I and no one else they know have them. I tell them honestly that I like macs but their are flaws which will seriously infuriate you and dissapoint you. The ibooks flaw is the shocking example I tell people of. The look of shock accompanied by silence I receive says it all. You can guess what happens. Not one of those people so far has switched from a windows computer over to a mac. Why would they, for the money and hype this kind of thing is almost to the point of being scam like misrepresentation of Mountain Lion. It really is almost dishonest considering how Mountain Lion was going to bridge the divide between platforms supposedly.


    If Ibooks comes out on the Mac platform and has retina support then my recommendations will change. Otherwise they won't and I simply won't feel bad that Apple is not getting those sales. They are doing this, not me. I am simply telling people the truth which apple is border line not doing with their hyping of Mountain Lion cross support. The cross support is simply not there for the most part. Hopefully apple will man up and do what they should be doing in order to justify the claims they make and the prices they charge.


    I will say that I had an air 13" with applecare and broke the screen. They fixed it for free. This greatly impressde me and is probably why I have stuck with them despite these other issues. Lack of ibooks cross support is even eroding my respect for my screen being fixed. It's simply not right that they have done nothing about this.

  • a1repair Level 1 Level 1

    It really is almost dishonest considering how Mountain Lion was going to bridge the divide between platforms supposedly
    Touche Nine Tigers. You're right on the money... So did I. That's the way it was marketed

  • NineTigers Level 1 Level 1

    Thanks, a1repair.


    I just found out that Kindle has a cloud reader I can use in safari. Most of my books are already on Kindle so this works good for me. If apple had come out with an ibooks app I would have possibly switched even though these books would not be on there. I also would have considered an ipad or ipad mini.


    Maybe I will look into the Fire HD or the new surface. It runs ms office which I need. The keyboard also looks really nice. Who knows, maybe all of this will get me back to microsoft. I do like amazon including for movies. I do not care for itunes since even on my fifteen inch screen the icons and text are tiny and painful to decipher.


    It's a miracle apple does so well when things like this occur so frequently. Of course they do many things very well, and this makes it so hard to comprehend the things they do so poorly and weirdly. Itunes is bazarre with the tiny icons and text. Go figure!!!!

  • Tom Gewecke Level 9 Level 9

    Pocket doesn't read ebooks at all.  It saves stuff you find online.


    No app other than Apple's iBooks can read things from the iBookstore with DRM.

  • johnfromtega cay Level 1 Level 1

    I never imagined that this was true.

    iBooks has lost me as a customer. Kindle and others offer so much more flexibility, it makes me wonder why Apple would continue this.

    Kodak largely invented digital photography, but didn' t impliment it because they didn't want to cut into  the profitable film business. It never occurred to them that there was competition out there.

    Maybe a similar situation for the iBooks division.

  • greg.shenaut Level 1 Level 1

    One thing about iBooks that is far better then Kindle is that it reads epubs, of which I have a large number. Kindle does not read epub format, which I guess is their marketing decision. I have an epub reader app for my Mac (iReader) and on my phone I just use iBooks.


    The sole thing I am missing is that there is no way to page-sync the two. It would be handy to have all devices know what page I'm on in my current book.


    Of course, free, non-DRM epubs are just an annoyance for both Amazon and Apple.

  • coachNtrack Level 1 Level 1

    No one could have told me that I would not be able to read books i purchased for ibooks on my mac book pro ! Right about now i am feeling screwed, bam boozled, and led astray ! Shame on you apple !

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