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  • aquariusrick Level 1 Level 1

    greg.shenaut wrote:


    It's pretty hard for me to imagine that many would buy an iPad just to read iBooks, but it's easy for me to imagine Apple wanting to coax as many publishers as possible to sell their books through the iBookstore. On the other hand, once the idea arose, I'm sure “and maybe we'll sell a few more iPads, too” didn't hurt.

    Honestly I think it's matter of them not getting around to it yet.  I truly believe we will see it within the next year or two.


    greg.shenaut wrote:


    ...a DRM ebook owner with root access would have the maximum of possibilities of trapping the unprotected content and unlocking it.


    But not creating iBooks for OSX due to the scenario you described, IMO seems the least likely of all.  Just my 2 cents.

  • Tom Gewecke Level 9 Level 9

    greg.shenaut wrote:


    It's possible that this concession was necessary in order to get publishers to let Apple sell their ebooks, or at least maybe it was part of the negotiations.


    But the same publishers sell their books via Amazon, etc and they can be read on all platforms without any problem (because their DRM allows that).  The publishers don't care what kind of DRM is used -- Apple just chooses one that gives it total control of what devices can read the book.

  • Tom Gewecke Level 9 Level 9

    aquariusrick wrote:


      I truly believe we will see it within the next year or two.


    Yes, no problem when our laptops and desktops switch over to iOS:-)

  • botro Level 1 Level 1

    Not when your iOS devices are running software like Mobile Iron that block access to Apps based on corporate security policies. And interminglinig a personal and corporate account on the same iOS device is not sanctioned in my company. BYOD is a security risk to the enterprise. Looks like the Blackberry 10 OS is starting to address this from what I've read

  • WilsonLaidlaw Level 1 Level 1

    The DRM argument does not stand up as Adobe has a Mac reader which already reads Adobe DRM protected ePub books. Apple is very close to Adobe, so all they have to do is to have a link from Adobe reader to your iTunes account, so that the Apple DRM is activated in Adobe Reader. "Simples" as the Russian Ferret would say. It is not the technology, it is the will of Apple to do this. if they wanted to do it, they could do it in days.



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    Hi guys,

    Even though I do not have any solution, I would like to post my discontent because of this issue.

    My iPad is broken since one week and I was stupid enough to buy some iBooks from the Store without paying attention to DRM.

    As a student, I simply do not have the money at the moment to buy a new iPad for reading "my" iBooks. So my solution is: Buy the books again from amazon & delete iBooks from the iPhone ( saves at least 59 MB )


    Regards, Marius

  • altovuelo Level 1 Level 1

    Well, all of the books I purchased from the iBooks store are shown in the "new" iTunes library under books. So, my hopes were raised for a moment that maybe Apple actually fixed this with the new iTunes! Until, of course, I tried clicking on them. Every single one gave me a message saying that I can't read the books on "this device", that I need to read them on an iOS device.


    Until that is fixed, I will no longer make the mistake of buying anything more from iBooks.


    Hey Apple -- are you reading these forums? You know, most of us have been strong Apple evangelists. Why are you driving us away? Do you care? It's almost enough to long for the days when Apple was the little guy.

  • R4Z33 Level 1 Level 1

    Well I'm listning to you even if Apple are not. I recently bought an iMac hoping that I could be synced across both IOS and OSX devices but sadly not.


    I have now downloaded the Kindle app and told my family to buy me Kindle vouchers and not iBook. At least Amazon (and othrs) understand that we are now reading across different devices


    Shame also about iTunues U. Great idea but I need it to sit on my mac so I can update my work as I go through the courses

  • PKGuy323 Level 1 Level 1

    I just got stung on the "No OSX" reader ability. Learning that it's an issue of what Apple won't do...not what it can't do. Amazon really is the best choice here...and most of the time, they are more economical on book pricing too.

  • eddiecoyote Level 1 Level 1

    Don't buy iBooks any longer. 


    Because I cannot read iBooks purchases on my iMac or MBP like I can Amazon or Kobo on all my Macs and iOS devices, I started buying specifically from Amazon.


    First step in getting a company's attention is to quit purchasing from them.  With sales going to Amazon instead of iBooks it should get their attention.  If most people don't care, then the minority just has to live with it.  Welcome to capitalism.


    But a larger issue for me was that the iBooks store is really horrible.  It is like a bad radio station that plays the SAME songs every hour.  There is a repeat of various books in a various menus.  Go to Health and Fitness and you'll find 4 books that are also listed in Lifestyle and Sprituality and so on.  Power browsing?  Nope.  Browsing around to just see what one might find is a joke and one must instead rely on doing word searches.  So if you didn't know sorta what you wanted to find, you'll never find it.  Not like a bookstore where you can go in and stumble upon a treasure on a shelf you wandered to.


    My biggest beef with iBooks is that there isn't a Philosophy section.  Sometimes a philosophy book is found looking in Classics, sometimes in History, sometimes in Literature.


    So, seeing how drilling down into more specific and in-depth categories is much more effective on Amazon than iBooks, and that one can read an Amazon book on iOS and Macs, I choose to buy from Amazon almost exclusively.  Everyone once in a while I'll give Apple another shot... and I regret it when I do.

  • WilsonLaidlaw Level 1 Level 1

    The application is there - Adobe Digital Editions. All Apple has to do is liaise with Adobe to get the DRM code/authorisation sorted out. I would have thought a one day meeting between Adobe and Apple engineers would sort it. Adobe Digital Editions has a full DRM authorisation system built into it for ePub books.


    Apple is a weird company who seem to get a "bee in their bonnet" about certain issues and no matter how much these issues irritate and inconvenience their customers, will not change their minds. I assume it comes down to arrogance (or fear for their jobs) and that the managers of Apple can never concede that they have made a mistake and need to change tack.



  • Tom Gewecke Level 9 Level 9

    WilsonLaidlaw wrote:


    The application is there - Adobe Digital Editions. All Apple has to do is liaise with Adobe to get the DRM code/authorisation sorted out.


    All Apple has to do is release a version of iBooks for OS X.  I think the idea that they would ever do what you are suggesting is not realistic.

  • buzzerk Level 1 Level 1

    I know I'm going out on a limb here . . .


    But, . . . I'd like to know where it is written that Apple itunes is the EXCULSIVE distrubutor of ebooks.


    I read ebooks on my Air in several formats, from several sources.


    I admit, I have not read all posts in this thread and I do know that Apple has it's own secret agenda for making lotsa moola.


    So, the bottom line is . . . Can you only get the titles / authors at iTunes??





  • Tom Gewecke Level 9 Level 9

    buzzerk wrote:


    I'd like to know where it is written that Apple itunes is the EXCULSIVE distrubutor of ebooks.



    Nowhere.  If you don't find what you want at the iBookstore, or if you don't like the restrictions on how you can read what you buy there, or if you don't like the way iBooks displays ebooks, or if you want to find a lower price for a particular book, you go to one of the many other sources which also have free ereaders for their books, such as Kindle, Nook, Kobo, Googlebooks, or Sony.  That is how it aways been.

  • WilsonLaidlaw Level 1 Level 1

    I buy most of my books from a smaller UK eBook seller. They used to come in .pdf which was a pain as you could not alter the size of the font if you were reading on an iPad, so I used to change them in Calibre to ePub for iPad reading but read them in .pdf format in either Acrobat Pro 10 or Preview. The conversion from .PDF does not work very well due to the way that the font imaging is packaged inside a wrapper and you tend to get spelling errors (particulalry on double L's and double E's) and some formatting mistakes. In the last few months my seller now offers ePub books as an option, which are DRM free, so can be read on a mac in Adobe Digital Editions and after you drag them into Books in iTunes and synched, on an iPad. It is over 18 months since I last bought a book from the iBook store. If this seller does not offer the book I want (and it is a slightly limited list, with an awful lot of vampirish and teen books, which interest me not at all), I will buy from Amazon. I have noticed their eBook pricing has dropped a fair bit over the last few months.



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