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I want to install/set up a mailserver on Mac OS X 10.5.8.

It will host approximately 35users, should have pop, imap, spam protection, webmail/admin interface, routing feature, all the usual stuff, I'm doing this because we often have to recieve very large files and having a mailserver on local network makes working with them so much faster. What would you recommend?

Thanks in advance.

PowerMac, Mac OS X (10.5.8), g5
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    I'm not sure if current versions are supported on PPC, but Kerio MailServer (now Kerio Connect) offers all of the features you have requested.

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    as far as I remember they plan to discontinue ppc support on next major release or have already done so, but thank you. also it would be nice to have something cheaper.

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    There isn't enough data in your post to create an informed answer.


    For one, are you talking Mac OS X client, or Server?

    Mac OS X Server already includes all the various mail server components you talk about, and it's based on Postfix, one of the most popular open source mail servers around.


    Secondly, having your own mail server will only be 'so much faster' for local users sending/receiving local mail (i.e. from users on the same network). Every other email has to go out (or come in) over your office internet connection and having your own mail server doesn't change that one bit.

    At that point, if you're only talking local users, it sounds like what you want is a file server, not a mail server. Mail is not designed for large file transfers.


    Third, even if you don't want Mac OS X Server's solution, and you can deal with the bandwidth, you haven't mentioned cost - what's your budget here. You won't find a free/open source solution that's more complete and easier to use than Apple's bundle, so now you're into the commerical offerings. All of them charge, typically per user and some of them (as already mentioned) are mothballing their PPC support, meaning any invenstment in their option might be short-lived.


    So I think you need to better state your goals and ideals before you can find the 'best' solution (if any of them are really 'better' than any other).

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    Thanks. Excuse me, here goes:

    Right now I have 10.5.8 client installed, I know that OS X Server has it's own Mail solution - thing is, if I want to use it, I have to buy it, and when I played around with it, I didn't like it at all. Couldn't add users without adding them on sysem, coudn't find routing feature, ofcourse if there isn't anything better I will look deeper in it. Yes, I do realise that, we have an FTP server working, but sometimes clients email us large files and it's handy if we can start working on them right away instead of waiting while they download from somewhere else. Yes, sorry I didn't mention cost, my Boss hasn't made that exactly clear yet, basically we're looking for a cheap-as-possible and stable option, which could be administred by one of our not-so-technically-savvy bosses. I hope I made my goals clearer. Right now it sure looks that if I'm not going to put linux on the g5, the server's built in mail solution is gonna be the cheapest and easiest version that works, could it be?

    I was also considering Communigate Pro and DeskNow, anybody has anything to say about these two?

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    is MailServe/MailServe Pro (for Leopard, due to the "g5 limitation") worth considering?

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    Have you considered Zimbra? I personally haven't tried Kerio, but I know it's popular.

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    Thanks, but we already decided to use MailServe, now I just have to decide on anti-spam solution, spamphibian doesn't want to install