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Hello I am trying to create a mail merge froma pages template that has four invitations per page.  Whn I do the merge each page, so all four invitations has the same person and their information.  each page then has a new person.  I do not need four inviations for everyone, just one with each page containing four individual invitations.


Any suggestions



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    Sadly that is the way Pages works. What you can do is in the Page Setup create a custom page size of one invitation card.

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    I ended up just creating my mail merge big enough to take up the entire space of one page, merged and hen organized the merge file so that when I printed 4 to a page it came out correctly.



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    Peter, thank you so much for this post! This makes it truly a mail merge function. For those of you that haven't checked it out, follow the instructions in the link Peter posted. It's essentially doing the full mail merge, which creates a new document with one record per page, and then using the Find and Replace function in Pages to delete the section break.


    Thanks again!

    PeterBreis0807 wrote:


    There is a way round Pages default:


    http://www.freeforum101.com/iworktipsntrick/viewtopic.php?t=245&highlight=labels &mforum=iworktipsntrick



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    I was having the same issue and found an even more simple way to fix it. This is likely the way pages was intended to be used. When you mail merge your addresses, each addressed document will be its own page. For example, I have a postcard with the mail merge fields I require and 4 contacts. I click merge and I get a new document with 4 seperate pages. When you go to print under layout you will see "Pages per Sheet". I put this to 4 pages per sheet and I get seperate contacts on the same sheet! It works awesomely. I'm using the "A6" page size which is post card size. You can go up to 16 pages per sheet and change the layout. I hope this helps.






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    I am new to Pages '09 and am trying to do labels.  I used an Avery 8161 as a template and created a separate list in Contacts.  I used the mail merge and all is well except that each address appears on a separate page.  I am trying to do the find and replace to delete the section breaks but it does not find any or I am not doing something correctly.  I followed the instructios from that iworkstipsntrick but nothing happens.  I did the show invisibles but I do not see anything that looks like a section break.


    I know that I can do labels from Contacts but I would prefer to set up labels with image and fonts selected and save it so that I do not have to do that each time.  This is why I am trying to get it set up in Pages '09.


    I have included a screen shot-hope this helps. Thanks for any suggestions.

    Screen Shot 2013-04-28 at 1.38.30 PM.png

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    Well-I finally found a way to fix this.  I still couldn't find section breaks to delete but what I did was cut and paste into each label and then deleted the extra pages as I went along.  It was only 29 labels so it wasn't that much of a big deal.


    I certainly wouldn't want that as a work around if I had a huge label list.


    The labels now appear to be all on 2 sheets of labels and I was able to change the font and add a small picture so I am good to go.  I didn't actually print them but they look like they should print OK.  This way I do not have to remember what font and picture to use if I used Contacts.