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Hi People!


I plugged an USB-Drive to the Airport Extreme.


It works so far, that i can see it and connect to it am my iMac. Its even shown on the Desktop... but there are no folgers or files shown.




I tried different drives... tried FAT32 and Mac OS Extended (Journaled) formatted drives... always the same.


Also after rebooting the AE.


Tried it from iPad with to different Filebrowsers... same thing.



Any guesses?


Thank you very much for helping!!!!


Ps.: Mac OSX  10.7.4 on iMac - AE Version 7.6.1

iMac, Mac OS X (10.7.4)
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    When connected to the USB port on the AirPort Extreme, does the AirPort Utility (Disks tab) recognize and report the exact model (Volume and Share names) of the USB HDD that is attached?


    I didn't quite understand one of your statements ... but if you connect this drive directly to your Mac's USB port can the Mac access it properly?

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    Hello Tesserax!


    Thanks for answerering.


    Yes... sorry, my english is not the very best ;-) and my system-language is german.. so i don't know all the right words...


    But meanwhile i solved the problem. i changed the configuration "secure shared disks" in Airport-Utility from "with accounts" to "device password". Now i can access completely to every USB-device....


    The problem was:

    Shared device was shown but seemed to be emtpy. very strange...


    Anyway..know it works...  thank you very much!!!   

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    Sie sind herzlich willkommen! Glauben Sie mir, Ihr Englisch ist viel besser als mein Deutsch.