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I have six podcasts on iTunes right now. I recently had to change the Feed address on FeedBurner for four of them and now I don't know how to change the Feed that the podcasts update from. So I have four podcasts that won't update. Any idea how to change the source Feed of a podcast while still keeping the same iTunes everything.

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    Without more information one can only comment quite generally. The usual method is that people create the podcast in a program or online service, producing a feed which they then submit to Feedburner. From this, Feedburner creates its own version of the feed, adding some extra tags, and this is then submitted to the iTunes Store. As far as the Store is concerned the Feedburner feed is the podcast feed.


    You can change the feed from which Feedburner works in Feedburner, but I can't advise on specifics - you would need to look in Feedburner's Help for that. Doing this doesn't affect the Feedburner feed as far as the Store is concerned.


    If you want to move the Store to using a different Feedburner feed you need to follow the proces described here:




    You do not need to do this if you are only changing the feed Feedburner works from.