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Hi, friends.


I'm very confused and irritated with iCal behavior regarding synchronization. First of all, I moved from MobileMe to iCloud; so I'd expect my data to MOVE, not to DUPLICATE in my desktop copy of iCal and I'd also expect iCal to get ride of MobileMe calendars, appointments and dates and to show me just iCloud calendars, appointments and dates. That's not the case: I end up with duplicated or triplicated dates: one for Desktop, one for MobileMe and one for iCloud, well, I'm supposing it is so, because none of the three says where is who. Once in a while, when I create an appointment, I don't know where it was created: on iCloud, on MobileMe, on my Desk. When I delete one of the three dates, the three dates disappear. Every other date I create, it evaporates into limbo without warnig, where did it went? I end up with three sets of calendars and I want JUST ONE and the ability to query THAT ONE in my desktop, my iPhone and my iCloud and the three environmets be synchronized, not duplicated. I've lost many memorable dates because this horrendous behavior in iCal.


Please, help.


Thank you.

MacBook White, Mac OS X (10.5.8)