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    I had the same problem last month and sorry if I'm repeating information already available here, but would like to share my experience. It seems that if Apple contacted the carriers it will be much easier to get a refund. I personally got a "curtesy refund" after explaining the situation, but if they had the issue on record, would be much simpler for folks to get the refund...

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    Is there even a way to report these issues directly to Apple? Do these communities exist so we can whine to each other and Apple can avoid having a customer service team? It seems like these forums are a replacement for paying people to resolve issues.


    How the largest company in the US can get away with having less customer support than the dude that delivers my newspaper, I cannot quite wrap my head around. I doubt anyone at apple will ever read any of these posts.


    Just crazy. They don't have to answer to these issues, even when it's costing people a ton of money in overages due to a flaw in their app. Too much evidence to believe this application isn't working specifically to encourage data overages.

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    I am going to go ahead and put my two cents in, or matter of dollars. Its pretty rediculous that this issue hasnt been solved especially since i have been seeing complaints on message boards and reviews about the podcast app. What i see here ppl are complaining that it only plays when connected to 3G NS 4G networks. Now i dont know a thing about that bc i have a crappy samsung flip phone, but just recently bought an Ipod touch. I was super excited b/c i knew i could use certain apps when connected to WIFI, but i didnt know that podcasts were different (they werent that way way back in 2004). I thought that once the pocasts were uploaded, its essencially a perminant DL (like dl a song). So as you can imagine my dissapointment when i connect my AUX cable to my new Corrolla and find out my Tiesto club life podcast will not play unless i am in WIFI range! (all of the the dled episodes were grey) I am not really up with the technology,but i can say without a shadow of a doubt that this app ***!

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    Podcast app by Apple is terrible. Crashes on starting an enhanced podcast!

    itunes worked fine, so no idea why apple changed it.

    Going to buy Downcast.

    Hope this will let me play the podcasts I like.

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    This Podcast app ruins so many mornings for me...Failed playback, no playback...says it has podcasts downloaded that it doesn't...this list goes on.  Truly dissapointing. This app alone....well, along with the new iTunes horrible handling of podcast play lists is really killing my brand association with this company. Interesting how something like this can totally change the way you think of Apple. 

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    Very disappointed. Podcasts used to work great when they were part of Music app. If Apple isn't going to fix this can we at least get an option to download in iTunes and synch via the Music app - essentially roll back to the way it used to be? I don't think I'm being nostalgic here. I would just like to be able to play a podcast on my iPhone without the playback continually failing in the middle of the show.

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    If you delete the podcasts app then MUSIC will allow you to play the podcasts. I've done this and ok you need to sync the iphone to get the lastest podcasts but atleast it plays them without downloading them again.

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    I'm on 6.01 iPad2 - and the Podcast app is completely useless. I keep getting the message on deleting, and trying to leverage my Pod's through the iTunes app "Must have Podcast App"'s worthless. I have no podcasts at all now.

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    Thanks for the tip ntr4nce I deleted the podcast app as well. To bad I'm a big fan of podcast. But can't afford to pay 200 Swiss francs cellular bill per month  because of podcasts. APPLE DO YOU HEAR US?!?!

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    I'm on iOS 6.0.1 iphone4S and finally have given up on Podcast app.


    Again I've used another 200MB of data without using my phone outside wifi range.


    Queued downloads will continue on 3G when you step outside wifi range.


    Streaming podcasts will show as downloaded even when they are not


    Podcasts show as downloaded then when you exit wifi range they redownload or with 3G disabled stop playing


    Podcasts sometimes show but you can't download them the button doesn't do anything.


    Podcasts that I've listened to and deleted show up again as unread after itunes sync, thus itunes loads the last 10 unplayed back on my phone even though I've heard them. Why can't this info be stored in the cloud and synced with iTunes when I open the app on my PC?


    Downloaded podcasts on my phone are redownloaded to my PC via itunes even when my phone is plugged in and syncing.


    So the app is gone I'll come back in 6 months if there are any updates at the moment i can't afford to have it on my phone.


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    How can it be that this Podcasts app still works so buggy?


    Lots of episodes from different podcasts get mixed and appear in other podcasts, and that's even when not sync'ing through the app, and using iTunes instead (doing a sync with a USB cable).


    Sometimes the play/pause button flickers and does nothing.


    Anyone else with same issues?

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    Yes, my sons phone went 4 times over his data limit in a little over two hours the other day. I believe the podcast app is the root cause.


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    Deleting the podcast app and restarting let me listen to my old podcasts the way I used to...meaning they played when I wanted them to and didn't start over randomly. The podcast app is AWFUL. How can Apple allow this to go public?

    Can't download podcasts unless I sync them over my computer. This is so limiting and no end in sight.

    Apple needs to FIX THE PROBLEM.


    It's like selling a car that won't start. No one else gets away with this. LAAAAME.

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    Apple doesn't give a **** apparently because Podcasts are free and not a source of revenue. 


    Got news for them... what IS a source of revenue is everything we buy as a result of a positive brand experience. And the handling of this app's UX is singlehandedly eroding the positive association I have with the brand...

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    This is a very annoying bug. Podcast is accessing 3G data when data is turned off. Completely unacceptable. Please fix!