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  • Bart1977 Level 2 (285 points)

    sherrjo wrote:

    Queued downloads will continue on 3G when you step outside wifi range.


    Yep, this is my conclusion as well. I couldn't find out what had been eating my bandwidth, and bought the Dataman Pro app. Even though I had turned off cellular data in the Podcasts app its settings, it does as you describe and Dataman Pro reported 40 MB of cellular usage!


    The thing is, when I leave home or work, I fire up the app. It immediately starts its downloads while within range of my home or work WiFi, and then my commute starts. The (not so) funny thing is of course that almost all my downloads actually happened over 3G....


    Switched to Pocket Casts, and for good measure, bought the Android version too :-)

  • blloku Level 1 (0 points)

    Hi Bart1977 (all fed up people in the thread)


    I ended up buying Pocket Casts and love it, so good choice! However, two iOS updates back I had the same issue of it downloading over 3G when drops off wifi even after I had that option switched off. I wrote an email to the developer to get their thoughts and they said it was actually a bug in iOS. I decided to just switch to airline mode and turn WIFI on, so it couldn't happen again.


    Guess what...I forgot to turn airline mode off one night last month and BOOOOOM all my data allowance for the rest of the month, gone!


    It's so irritating to get that text from O2 saying, Oh you'll need to add another bolt-on!


    So, I'd be interested to see if anyone else has experienced the same thing outside Apple's Podcasts app, even though the app is poo, it may actually just be iOS all along?!


    Any thoughts?

  • SolomonSourfoot Level 1 (0 points)

    I've used Downcast for the past 9 months and it works very well.

  • sherrjo Level 1 (0 points)

    I use downcast as well now not had any problems with malicious downloads since I started using it I highly recommend it for several features over and above the poor ios app.




    I don't think this was an iOS problem but rather an app problem I leave my phone connected to 3G all day and don't have huge data downloads.


    I have to say that apple have said for the same problem with itunes match that it's a "feature" not a bug.


    I paid 25€ for match but have immediately cancelled it and no longer use it. Reason being is that if I want to download a playlist I can't guarantee that for the 45 minutes it takes to download that it won't switch to 3G (flaky internet access at home).

  • gmcnewlook Level 1 (0 points)

    this app is really annoying with devices like an ipod touch or ipad without 3g/4g without constant internet acess . it really annoys me a podcast downloaded into my computer thats synced into my ipod via itunes (i still sync mine the old way through the  cable)  can get disabled because of playback error and when im on the subway halfway a podcast that gets really annoying, . or i cant play a podcast that is on the device locally...... i really dont understand why  apple had to seperate the podcast app when it wasnt needed

  • Priyan from Switzerland Level 1 (0 points)

    Hi, are you referring to the new version 1.2? If not try the new version. I think it is far better than the old one. You can sync the podcasts with iTunes. You got to on the sync Podcast settings in the iTunes though. Cheers.

  • John@SG Level 1 (0 points)

    I am experiencing similar problems with the current podcast app (iPhone 5, iOS 6.1.3) :


    (1)     The app downloads on 4G (LTE) even when cellular downloads is turned off.  The iphone downloaded 1.6GB without being aware of the activity until I received a SMS from my telco, by which time my monthly allowance had been exceeded.  Now I have to manually monitor download traffic to stop podcasts downloads in case downloads continue even when the option to download on cellular is turned off.


    (2)     When attempting to download podcasts on wifi, the wifi connection shuts off and the iphone switches to 4G (LTE), which means the iphone loses wifi connection.  Wifi is operating normally as I am benchmarking this activity against ipad 2, macbook and other macs on the same wifi.


    (3)     The ipad 2 has no similar problems with wifi.  My network company has checked my wifi and found acceptable signals at double the linear distance from the iphone, in the same direction. 


    (4)     The podcasts do not sync.  After listening to a complete podcast on the ipad, the iphone podcast app attempts to download the same podcast.  Then loses wifi connection as described in (2) above.


    (5)     My iphone 5 has been replaced once for screen colour quality issues.  During the purchase and exchange, I have seen 5 iphones - rejecting 3 at point of purchase/exchange and exchanging 1, for quality issues such as scratches and screen colour.  This is my 5th unit.


    Apple, please fix this simply because it is making life more difficult, not easier.  The loss of wifi and switch to LTE upon downloading of podcasts is a frequent coincidence.

  • Mohammad Hijjawi Level 1 (0 points)



    I just lost all my credit on my mobile , plus i lost my monthly packet , that i renewed yesterday.


    Please fix this issue Apple , i just deleted the iTunes U from my iPhone .

  • Mcleary Level 1 (5 points)

    This App is complete and total GARBAGE. It's never worked for me. Not on my iPhone 4 or 5. Crashes immediately after launching. Only once was I able to get it to play and even then it crashed after 1~2 minutes. I'm extremely disappointed in apple with this app.

  • voxerman Level 1 (0 points)

    I have no problem with the podcast app being dedicated-though I prefer it with iTunes. There are a few "for pay" sites that use podcasts for tutoring etc and I am a little suprised Apple hasnt figures this out. iTunes U is horrible.

    Anyway the app:

    -is slow

    -won't sync to itunes consistently

    -there are 3 different controls to see podcasts. I can hit sync like 3 times before it commits a sync

    -Downloading over wifi-why does it take so long

    -Won't autosync when on wifi(duh!)


    It's really, really bad.

  • Bruce Bridges Level 1 (40 points)

    After struggling with all the problems this app presented but most importantly the idiotic loss of playlists, and realizing that Apple simply does not care that they have an app that is rated 1 star or "hate it" in itunes, I found the solution.  I deleted it. 


    After removing it from the device and syncing, I realized that I had to go into iTunes on the computer and remove it as well. 


    Apple seems to be in a daze or something. 


    Total fail.

  • Tom Dignam Level 1 (120 points)

    I have tried Podcasts app twice, on release and by chance just recently. My impression it is the most unApple like of any Apple app I have used. First, it failed to recognize all my subscribed podcasts, second, upon syncing with iTunes or iCloud or whereever it grabs my subscribed Podcasts, I found synced Podcasts were a week behind my downloads in iTunes. Worst of all, Podcasts, with Apples approval, wiped my iTunes paylists on my iPhone clean of podcasts. So, not only did I not have my up to date playlists as backup, Podcasts latetest synched podcasts were out of date by a full week. Attempts update my Podcasts to most recent available was a total fail. Trash this App upon receipt to avoid frustration and disappointment.

  • toblathe Level 1 (10 points)

    This all still works just as poorly as it has for years right? I still cannot listen to podcasts without dealing with the lowest rated Apple application, right? Apple has completely ignored that this is fundamentally broken and just moved on?

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