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    I'm using Mavericks with the lastest update. I have followed all of the instructions listed and if you look in my apps folder itunes is gone. If you to a search of files itunes is gone but when I go directly to a music folder in Finder every mp3 still has the itunes icon associated to it and if I right click it will still offer my itunes as an option to open the file. And guess what, when I click on that option, itunes opens up. If I plug in my ipod, itunes opens up.


    My issue is not with the ipod but with itunes having quadruple copies of all my mp3s listed in the library.

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    Thanks!  Have been trawling the net looking for solutions!

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    THIS WORKS!!!! YOU ROCK!!!!!

    Thank god for forums. Straight Up! I don't use these **** icons above...that's how **** stoked I am. YES!!!

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    I've already done that but it doesnt help

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    Thanks a lot Beewl, your solution fixed the problem


    I uninstalled iTunes and re installed it, and now the annoying message that kept asking me to allow network connection every time I open iTunes stopped appearing.



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    I want to do this too because for some reason my "join cd track" is no longer available or present under options in iTunes 12. It was working fine last week. Now it's gone!!!!!!!!!!!

    It is ESSENTIAL that I be able to have this functionality. I use iTunes exclusively for getting audiobooks on my iPod. Without being able to "join cd tracks" it's pointless. I need a resolution for this ASAP. People talk about 3rd party stuff but no specifics which is not helpful. I've been doing this with audiobooks for YEARS this way, now for some unknown reason, it's gone. PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm working on an iMac with latest OS.

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    • Open Finder >> Applications >> Utilities >> Terminal
    • Now in Terminal type “ cd /Applications/” this will navigate you to Applications Directory
    • Now type “ sudo rm –rf” this will delete iTunes from Mac OS X
    • Now you will be prompted to provide “Administrator Password”, Enter the same and confirm to remove iTunes from Mac OS X.
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    Its working for me. I am using OS X yoemite.


    Thanks dude

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