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I go to a lot of different places and connect to friend's and family's wifi when needed. I type in the password they provide me with and it works like a charm. Every time I visit my one friends house, it accepts the password and says it connects but fails to work. An exclamation point is displayed on the wifi bars at the top and when I click it, it says the internet connection failed. It only does it at her house..and when I had an apple lap top (MacBook Air) it did the same thing at her house and oddly enough, McDonalds as well. I am using a Mac Mini as if now and I am tired of stealing her landline to connect to the internet at her house. (Her brother uses the landline for his xBox and it turns into a big deal lol) I tried going into the internet settings to fix the issue, but no luck. So if anyone knows how to solve this, please help me out. I'd appreciate it. Thanks

Mac mini, Mac OS X (10.7.4)