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How get rid  "other" taking too much space in my hard drive

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    You need to find out exactly what that other is first. It's a name that the OS gives to files that are unclassified or unknown.

    If for instance you run Parallels and have lots of Windows files they may will show up as other but aren't necessarily something you want to get rid of. Im my personal example I have a virtual machine that has 40GB of used space. It all shows up as other.

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    OS X is in the other category.

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    I keep my MBP running Lion pretty clean and lean with only files and programs that I need and use.  Having said that, I had a 160 GB HD that had around 100 GB of "Other" that I just couldn't figure out what it was.  I tried several different things over months and months and was finally able to figure out how to free up about 90% of that "Other".  I went to the disk utility, selected the Macintosh HD and executed the "Verify Disk" function.  It only took ~5 minutes to do and it said my disk needed to be repaired by restarting the computer and holding down the command and R key at the same time when the apple logo appears.  This brought up a menu which would allow me to access the Disk Utility again and then perform the "Repair Disk" function.  This again only took a few minutes and I was able to free up about 90 GB once I restarted the MBP after the Repair disk was complete.  Not sure if this will produce the same outcome for you but it's worth a try and costs nothing.