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I can't do software updates on my Macbook Air running OS10.6.8. I always get an error. Also can't do Adobe software updates.


I reinstalled 10.6.8 from a Combo update ... noticed that I have an error about coolbook extension error ... where do I find this to remove.


Any ideas.



MacBook Air, Mac OS X (10.6.8)
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    I would remove it by enquiring the developer at the above link.  If you feel you have heat issues with your machine, you should be running the hardware test that came with it:


    Note the temperature monitors INSIDE a Mac have no documentation from Apple as to their upper or lower limits for any of their computers.   The software used to monitor the heat has completely arbitrary guidelines on what is too hot.     A computer will only be too hot, if it automatically shuts down even when told not to do so by Apple's Energy Saver in Apple menu -> System Preferences -> Energy Saver.   Apple's notebooks have not been "laptops" for years, and should not be treated as such, without proper shielding for your skin.  They can burn your skin and still be perfectly functional.

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    Thanks for the reply.


    I have solved the problem. I was able to install all the available Apple updates by choosing them one at a time. The Air Port Utility update still had an error when trying to do it via the "Software Update". After downloading the Update from Apple Support pages I was able to get it to work.