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Hello Apple Community,


I am currently shifting from a PC to my first MacBook and cannot seem to decide which MB Pro will suit me best.

I will be a freshman in college this fall. I don't plan on using programs such as Photoshop very frequently. I rather plan on using the basics to complete assignments given to me. I may edit video once in a while, but, like before, not very frequently.


My school offers the MB Pro 13" 2.5 GHz for $999 and the 2.9 GHz for $1399. Being a college student, I would like to save some money since this is coming out of my pocket becuase I don't want my parents to spend any more money on me. (Not being stingy)


Which laptop would you recommend me?


Also, does anyone know the difference between a Licensed Microsoft Office and a regular Microsoft Office? My school also offers the Licensed Microsoft Office 2011 for $33 compared to the regular Microsoft Office 2011 at Amazon for $87.


Thank you for your help!

MacBook Pro
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    Hi there,


    I have just recently bought the below:

    Screen Shot 2012-07-09 at 10.43.16.png

    I use mine for buiness (working from home, keeping in touch via email and amending word docs / spreadsheets etc). I guess it depends on the size of memory you need and also the screen size, if you are not going to be editing video etc I'm sure you'll be ok with the 13" screen. You can of course always purchase memory drives / portable hard drives if you require more memory at a later date.


    If you want to save money then I would suggest the first option.


    As far as the Microsoft Office goes I am unsure of the exact difference, I bought the follwoing:


    Screen Shot 2012-07-09 at 10.48.06.png

    I find this great, it has everything you need really, I actually bought it with 2 other colleagues so it worked out much cheaper.


    I hope this helps (alittle).


    Kind regards and good luck.



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    Would that be the MacBook Pro 2.5 GHz?

    I more than likely going to purchase the 2.5 GHz because the RAM and other specs are only noticeable when editing video or playing games.


    The Licensing merely means how many times it can be installed. The one I will be purchasing is the Academic edition, so it has everything the business Office has for a lower price.


    Thank you for your answer. It actually helped a lot on my research.

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    Hi there,


    Yes you're right the MacBook Pro.


    I was lucky as 2 other people I know wanted the same so I only had to pay a third. I did trial the business additon but didn't need Outlook as I use this at work.


    Good luck with it all.


    Kind regards,



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    I went for the lower one and just upgrade the ram. I was originally upgrade to 8gb as $170 for 16 is way out of budget for me. visited my local fry's electornic store and they had the 16 on sale for a $100. same brand crucial had on their website.


    Screen Shot 2012-07-10 at 9.43.31 AM.png