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Do I need to give credit card details on the App Store to download free Apps?

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    Why need to fill credit card details to download free apps?


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    If you try to use an existing Apple ID, you have to supply a bank card, even for free apps. Period, there is no way to get around this.


    If you create a new Apple ID for an iTunes Store account you can follow Apple's instructions for creating an account that does not require a bank card.

    Creating an Apple ID for an iTunes Store, App Store, iBookstore, and Mac App Store account without a credit card -


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    i need to download a free app. i put in my bank card details and it isn't accepting the information. My information is correct because i use this card all the time. what should i do.

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    pfinks wrote:


    ...i put in my bank card details and it isn't accepting the information....


    Accepted forms of payment