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Hello folks,


I'm trying to set-up a Lion Server machine (a 2011 mac mini) as the primary machine on the network, meaning in front of the Airport router. I'm looking to do this because i have a ultra high speed network (1Gb/sec) and i found that ALL Apple routers in production to present date have low throughput (sadly) and can't cope with speeds over 30 MB/s (aprox 250Mb/s sec). So having a server behind such a router would cap right from the start my Gb connection to a quarter of the theoretical max.


So i'm looking to do have this scheme:


Internet ----> Server ----> Airport Extreme for wifi ----> Clients


The Mac Mini would use the built in ethernet for the internet connection and that would be shared (i presume) via the Thunderbolt Display's built-in ethernet. The display would be connected to the router (AE) and the AE would act presumably as a bridge and only propagate wifi. So that means the server would have to provide both DHCP and NAT.


Btw, speaking of those 2 services, where are they in Lion Server and how to configure them?


So ultimately the question comes down to how to share the internet connection, and the tipology of the network ie:


Built in Mac Mini ethernet config:

Public IP X.X.X.X

Mask provided by ISP

Router provided by ISP

DNS (ISP or my own).


Above connection would have to be shared via TD ethernet which should look like this:



Router ?!?! i assume it should be the same (itself)?

DNS same as above


Then the Airport should get configured in Bridge?


Then there's a matter of configuring the server to act on the Public IP (it's own ethernet connection).


Advice pls?


many thanks in advance,