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I am an app developer and I sometimes use my personal iPhone for testing some apps. Today I was testing a very old app originally developed for iOS 3.0 that I was going to fix to upgrade to iOS 5.0.


As I was debugging my app using XCode at some point I wanted to simply delete the app and its data, so I touched the newly added app (the one I was building in XCode) and clicked the "x" the x was pressed (I could see it change color) but the prompt did not come so I pressed the sleep button and now the prompt came, I deleted the app and everything was ok, all my apps were there (as expected of couse).


Then I tried to build again on XCode and launced and got the common "debugger hung error", I have gotten this many times before so I know the fix is to simply reset the iPhone by pressing sleep and the home button for about 10 seconds. And that is what I did, it started fine and as I unlock my phone I find to my surprise that absolutelly all my apps were wiped from the home screen!. All of them.


Contacts, music, photos, notes all that is still there. Just every single app is gone. If I look at my memory usage it is stil the same though. But the apps are gone, I cannot see them in search, in usage, in itunes they are nowhere to be seen. I tried resetting my home screen, and resetting my iPhone again to no avail.


I have searched for hours for a similar issue, but can't find any at all. I have an iPhone 4S running 5.1.1. I know I can restore from iCloud/iTunes, but this is unacceptable they wiped for no reason whatsoever. Anyone else seen this before?.


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iPhone 4S, iOS 5.1.1