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So I looked eveywhere and couldn't find anything about this, I also called customer support and nothing has helped yet. I recently bought final cut pro 5 from someone and they gave me the sticker with the final cut studio serial number on it. I downloaded it on my macbook pro that could run this program and installed it and that went fine. When I tried running it, the licensing dialogue box came up asking for basic information (Name, organization, ad serial). I put all of that in and nothing happened. There are two buttons at the bottom of the dialogue box, the quit button and an ok button. The ok button is grayed out so I can't press it. I don't know what to do! Does this mean the serial number isn't working? Does anybody know about this?

Mac OS X (10.5.6)
  • Nick Holmes Level 7 (29,990 points)

    You can't run Final Cut Pro 5.0 reliably on a Mac Book Pro. It will crash, refuse to start and generally do inexplicable things. FCP 5.0 was written for the older Power PC based Macs. Your MBP is Intel based. The earliest version you can use with Mac OS X 10.5.x is Final Cut Pro 5.1 with all updates to 5.1.4 installed.

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    I called customer service and told them the version of the macbook pro and gave them the serial to my mac and they said that fiinal cut pro 5 can run on it. My friend also has this version of mac and runs final cut pro 5 on it too.

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    Nick is the one you should listen to


    Check the exact version numbers, stating version '5' is not accurate enough and refer to Nicks advice

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    I don't care who you talked to. My advice above is absolutely accurate.

    "Customer Service" will talk to you all day about iPhones or making ringtones in GarageBand. They are not professional editors who have been using FCP day in, day out for the last 12 years.


    As for "looking everywhere", you could have just searched here and paid attention to hands on experts.

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    No offense, but I wasn't asking if it could run on a macbook pro, I know that it can. I was asking why it wasn't letting me press ok when putting the serial number in. That's cool that you know a lot about Final Cut Pro and that you used it "day in, day out for the last 12 years" but if you're going to be stuck up with all of your posts than I'd rather you just not post on this thread. 

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    Apart from the fact that Nicks advice is good, with regard to your serial number, make sure you are entering it correctly. It is easy to mistake a zero for a letter "O" or a number 1 for an "I".


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    Hi iamsam1994...


    I'm having the same problem passing the License field on an older PowerPC (so it's not neccesarily because you're trying to install on a PwerMac).


    I'm wondering if you fugured this problem out?



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    He stopped whining months ago, so he probably did figure it out.