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Hello clever apple people, I am really hoping someone can help me. I recently bought a IPOD classic 160GB and seem to be having endless issues with it. I had lots of music on a hard drive which i gave up trying to load onto it. I have loaded 30GB from CD's - one at a time.


I managed to get everything loaded onto it, and then decided to load just a couple of extra mixes done by a friend of over 60 minutes. The sync failed, and now the ipod shows 'no music'. The files are all present as they can be seen in windows when opened up through the 'computer' section. I think the library is just corrupted, but i have no way of fixing it. itunes cannot talk to the ipod and any 3rd party restoring software just crashes as soon as the ipod is connected to the PC. I really, really do not want to have to restore the Ipod as it took so long to get it set up if anyone knows how to repair a corrupted library, either with a utility or manually i would be so greatful.

I have a feeling that if i do restore it the librabry will not re-load fully


Please help... thank you!!

iPod classic, Windows 7
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    Hi Lucie, sorry, this is the iPod Community, there are no clever Apple people here, they all busy selling iPads, but there are a few smart iPod users here, so dont be dishearten if our suggestions dont work. Try the Genius at Apple store.

    Being not so smart, I need some clarification on your problem.

    When you mentioned

    Lucie2182 wrote:


    I think the library is just corrupted, but i have no way of fixing it. i

    Are you referring to the iTunes library? if not then hopefully your iTunes library have all your music. Your problem is the iPod hardisk, which is dying.

    Do the iPod DiskDiagnostic as posted by tt2, it wont fix your problem but helps in troubleshooting.