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What is the easiest way to send Audio Memos audio file (Imesart app) from iphone to my mac?

iPhone 4, Mac OS X (10.7.4)
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    You just transfer them with iTunes, using the filesharing interface on the Apps tab.


    This is from the imesart support site.


    How can I transfer memos to a computer?


    You can transfer memos to a computer via a local wireless network. See this page for details:


    USB file transfers with iTunes are available for the paid versions of Audio Memos. If you activated iCloud in Audio Memos, you first need to export the memos. To do that, select one or more memos, press then "Send" button, select "More" then select iTunes.


    After exporting your memos, or if you are not using iCloud, the memos will appear in the "File Sharing" section in iTunes. Here is how to use the "File Sharing" section:
    • Open iTunes.
    • Plugin your device.
    • Click on the device's name in the list on the left in iTunes.
    • Click on the "App" tab in iTune's main screen.
    • Scroll down.
    • In the "File Sharing" section choose "Audio Memos".
    • The memos will appear in the "Documents" section.
    • Select some memos and press the "Save to..." button.
    See this page for more details on how to use "File Sharing" in iTunes (the procedure works for iPhones and under Windows too, even if only the iPad and the Mac are mentioned):
    (when following these instructions, note that you might have to scroll down once you select the "App" tab in iTunes).